week4 designing a wireless network

ITT-370: Designing a Wireless Network Part 4

Assignment Overview

Quality of Service (QoS) is significant because it allows the user to prioritize tasks completed over a wireless network. When working with wireless networks, you must consider what is important when designing QoS. In this assignment, students will gain experience on how to conduct QoS in a wireless network. Refer to your research on QoS, for successful completion of this assignment.

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week4 designing a wireless network
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Directions: Refer back to the Design Document. Complete the “QoS Requirements” section. Consider the following:

1. Include a plan for QoS.

· A plan for IP wireless phones.

· Plan for devices accessing applications.

2. Devices connecting to application databases.

· Why are devices connecting to an application database important?

· What kind of problems can be caused by losing the connection to the database?

3. A method to determine the QoS for each of the applications.

· Is there anything needed for different devices/applications vs. IP wireless phones?

Name: Rita Mformen

ITT-370: Wireless Network Design Document





To install the new wireless network for the Bank. Currently, the bank is using proprietary standards. The goal of the new wireless network is to use the 802.11 networks. The newly installed system should have an upgraded path to 802.11. All the employees of the bank should be able to access the newly installed wireless network. Also, the greeters should have wireless IP phones that will be used to answer questions when customers call, as well as route customer calls to the correct associate.


Objectives of the Network:

1. Secure Service – The objective of this project is to provide a secure network for the bank. The network should have an upgraded path to 802.11. The new proposed network will be transferred to an 802.11 network. During the process of designing the network, intruders should be kept out of the design of the network.

2. Integration and Updates – The old network was designed and built using proprietary standards. The current wireless network does not support any new network. The goal is to update the network to 802.11 networks. The software, as well as the types of equipment of the network, will be upgraded based on the requirements of the network.

3. Versatile Information Process – The network is designed to provide the user with the capabilities to process, extract and retrieve the data as well as information. The network will also have the installed functions of administration, maintenance system, and functionalities to provide the staff and greeters of the bank.

4. Collaboration – The upgraded wireless network will update and modifies the functionality of the maintenance department workplace. The department is providing software that will allow them to get the notification of the repair of the statuses. It will also assist them to upgrade the maintenance that has been completed by themselves. This will allow the department to keep up to date with any kind of issues and maintenance found on the bank.

5. Scalability – The new network is designed to adapt to new changes such as new devices for greeters or users. This is mandatory because the existing wireless network has no facility to upgrade to the new system or is not allowed to add new equipment to the old network.

Intended Users – The intended users for this project will be customers, bank specialists, officers, and greeters. Greeters will have the ability to use the network at their desired places. For many greeters, it’s mandatory for them to be able to have high-speed internet. They also have a strong signal wherever they go. The installation of the access point will improve the signal throughout the bank. The staff of the bank and officers will have a wireless IP phone while working in the bank. The wireless IP phones or iPads will be installed in the upgraded wireless network. This will also allow the bank specialists to be reached at any time. They also have access in case of any emergency.

Design Assumptions – Many aspects should be considered while designing the new network. When the system is replaced and updating the old network to the new one, these factors should be considered. Upgrading the network’s firewall setting and system of the current networks is mandatory. These factors can be affected how the banks are connected and controlled. Also, determining if the current equipment is compatible with the new network and if it’s not compatible with the new equipment will be required.

Equipment Needs and Proposed Budget

The types of equipment are essential for the upgraded network to make them function properly. As defined in the above sections, the new types of equipment should be used that is required in designing the new system. It is mandatory to have a look at the old equipment first. If we can old equipment with the new system, the old pieces of equipment should be retained. That can ultimately affect the cost new network. The following pieces of equipment are required in designing the new system: IP phones, iPads, access points, wireless controllers, modems, switches, POE equipment, and tablets as well. The cost of designing the new system should be less than $300,000, as the current pieces of equipment that are working in the previous systems can be utilized with the newly designed network.


Data Types – Two types of devices are required by the new network. These devices are IP phones, devices with installed software that are required to maintain the network, utilized by the staff of the maintenance department. The network must support the following type of data:

· The transmission control protocol (TCP)

· User Datagram protocol (UDP)

· Internet protocol version (IPv4)

· Voice over IP (VoIP)

TCP is used for communication. The web servers and devices, used by clients, will be encrypted by TLS (Transport layer security). TCP is mandatory in designing 802.11 networks because of the reliability feature. The protocol keeps the connection of the device with the network that is being used.

Data Sources – The data source that is used by the end users will be updated servers. The updated server will secure the connection among the VoIP phones. This security will limit the vulnerabilities of security that can be found or happen in the network. WPA-2 will also be used that can encrypt the data to ensure that the network is secure. The IP phones will also be connected to the CUCM. CUCM stands for Cisco unified communication manager that will assist in the communication.

Number of Users that will need to be supported

The network requires coverage for the entire bank. It is estimated that there are 500 people on the work which people are managers, support staff, officers, end users as well as greeters. The network contains hundreds of IP phones to connect all over the globe.

Speed Requirements – Speed is an essential parameter while designing a new network. Many people in the bank require a fast, secure, and high-speed network to connect. The support staff needs a fast network connection that can notify them when they need to maintain the request. IP phones are needs a reliable network connection so that they can all over the bank on time. VoIP is estimated to have 125 Kbps lines for a total of 21,720 Kbps speed.

Load Variation Estimates – As the network is upgraded from the old network to 802.11, a bandwidth of 5GHz will be required. The network will be running at 15,000 Kbps 24/7. It will provide enough network load for all the users of the network. It is mandatory to have a high-speed connection throughout the day or during working hours because some people might want internet at night as well.


QoS Requirements – QoS stands for the quality of service. The process of QoS involves the identification of the critical component to ensure a consistent approach. The enterprises and service providers must cooperate and be consistent in classifying, provisioning, and integrating their respective QoS solutions. For the IP phone, VoIP needs 2 layers. The requirements for streaming the video include the IP multicast, broadcast as well as training activities. Four to five seconds of latency is required for the buffering capacity which is dependent on the size of the video. Only 2% loss of packets is allowed for videos. The bandwidth of the network is dependent on the encoding of the video stream as well as on the rate of the video stream. For a video, 384 Kbps can take 600 Kbps at points with a 60% burst rate. The stream of video takes 20% bandwidth with a burst allowed in the LLQ of 30,000 bytes per 284 Kbps stream.


Reliability Requirements – The failure of the network should be handled efficiently in the reliability of the requirements. As the failure of the network can affect the users of the system badly, different maintenance has been installed to fix the problem on time. Fault tolerance can be handled efficiently to maintain the reliability of the system. The scalability of the network should be fulfilled. The security of the bank data should be maintained.

Security Requirements – As the network is getting installed in the bank, the security of data and information should be handled to make the network successful. The cyber security framework should be handled. The data that is transmitted over the network should be encrypted to ensure the security of the network. Windows firewall should be turned on that will prohibit any kind of download that contains some vulnerabilities.


We have created a complete wireless system for the bank. The bank is the place in which we are installing 802.11 networks. The access points have been installed in the design of the network. The access points are helping the users to connect using the installed wireless network. The access points are connected to create a connection to the bank.



· $720

· Available / In stock

· 5 years warranty

· 2.4 GHz, 5GHz


1. $330

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1. One year warranty

Cisco 30504 Wireless controller

· $2,700

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· 3-year warranty

· Maximum 150 access points

Cisco 884 GB IP phone

1. $170

1. Available/In Stock

1. Supports 1200 users

1. 5 Year Warranty and Maintained by Computer Services as needed

COST ANALYSIS – Final Project

Cost Analysis

Tangible Costs













Cisco 30504 wireless controller




Cisco 884 GB IP phone




Subtotal of Costs


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