Post a cohesive response based on scenario provided. Be sure to discuss the following: “See attachment for detailed instructions and guidance: 

· Post your goals, objectives, and action plans that you developed for your Portfolio of Visions. 

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· Describe how your goals, objectives, and action plans will help you meet your social impact interests.

· No Plagiarism 

· See attachment of Sample “Portfolio of Vision” for guidance 

  • No plagiarism 
  • APA citing 
  • 48 hours 

Discussion 2: Key Life Area Goals, Objectives, and Action Plans


· Post your goals, objectives, and action plans that you developed for your Portfolio of Visions.

· Describe how your goals, objectives, and action plans will help you meet your social impact interests.

· No Plagiarism

· See attachment of
Sample “Portfolio of Vision”
for guidance

I have never been good at writing down goals and objectives to move them from mere dreams to defined goals.


However, our Portfolio of Visions project has forced me spend time in reflection and plan what I would like to accomplish moving forward. As I reflected on my key life areas and goals, I purposely kept them to a minimum to allow me to put them into action. I felt that establishing a plethora of goals for each area would water down the many actions needed to make them a reality and come to fruition.


Many of my goals and objectives revolve around giving back to people and making an impact on those I come in contact with. I sincerely hope that I can put my social change goals and objectives into action and give back, and pay it forward for all I have been blessed with and given by so many leaders who invested in me. Giving back and investing in the future leaders is what will define our legacy as leaders and managers. 


Key Life Areas


Family and Home


· 1 year

Goal: Reengage with my family through weekly activities and giving of my time. Graduate school has kept me extremely busy for 19 months and they have suffered through my inability to participate in many activities. 


Action Statement: I will make family my first priority over my own wants and desires for the next 12 months.

Objective: On Oct 29, 2018, the day after my Capstone is finished; I will sit down with my family and establish a plan for the next 12 months. We will decide on a day each week for family activities as well as the plan for a vacation next summer. 


· 5 years

Goal: Assist my son with completing college and establishing his life’s mission, vision, and priorities going forward. 

Action Statement: His first year and a half has been a huge adjustment and difficult for him. As my schedule and workload decreases, I will make a daily effort to communicate with him and teach him the many lessons I have learned about life and leadership. 


· 15 years

Goal: Build our forever, retirement home.  

Action Statement: Take the ideas, pictures, and wants for the forever house, pull them out and design and begin construction.


· 20 years

Goal: Take my family on a European vacation.  

Action Statement: I have visited 23 countries during my military career and my family experienced it through pictures only. They have dreamed of going to Europe and seeing the sights. We will plan, save, and go on a whirlwind vacation to Europe and experience everything they have only seen in pictures.



II. Financial and Career

· 1 year

Goal: Apply and obtain the soon to be open Deputy Director of Safety job with U.S. Naval Facilities and Engineering Command.

Action Statement: Obtaining this job would be a huge undertaking to move from IL, but mark a significant career advancement opportunity. Obtaining this job would be a big pay raise as well as open additional opportunities for advancement in Washington, D.C.

Objective: Position myself to advance in the Department of Defense Civil Service arena by applying and being selected for a new position in our Nation’s Capital.

· 5 years

Goal: Advance through the Civil Service ranks to the top of the General Schedule system and be a GS-15, the highest rank possible. I am currently a GS-13, and have established a five-year goal of two promotions to obtain the highest GS rank.    

Action Statement: To obtain this goal, I have to relocate at least once, maybe twice within the next five years. I must be in a great financial position to potential afford two households if my family chooses to stay in IL and not relocate for the time being. 

· 15 years

Goal: Be financially able to build my forever home.  

Action Statement: Be in a position through the budget and planning to take the ideas and select the location and build this house. 

· 20 years

Goal: Retire from Civil Service.  

Action Statement: I somewhat fear retiring as I enjoy working and fulfillment that comes from accomplishing tasks. However, in 20 years I want to embark on my second retirement, this time from Civil Service and spend the final stages of my life teaching college and enjoying what I have worked so hard to accomplish with my family.


III. Spiritual and Ethical

· 1 year

Goal: Reinvigorate my journey and spiritual walk by getting back to regular attendance at church, reading the Bible, spending time in prayer and quiet meditation, and spending time with church friends.

Action Statement: It is very easy to put the needed time required to bolster your spiritual health on the back burner. Life is busy, but spiritual health is as important as physical and mental health. Over the next 12 months, I will make my spiritual health as much of a priority as family and work.  

Objective: I have not modeled the type of spiritual behavior to my son that I feel is important. I want to lead him in that direction and be that role model so when he raises his children, he will be a role model for them.    

· 5 years

Goal: Become an active participant in my local community government.

Action Statement: Even in the small town I live, there are unethical political personnel who have brought down the feeling of community and pride. I want to apply my skills and abilities to run for local government office, wherever I live, and change the culture of local politics for the better.

· 15 years

Goal: Be a spiritual and ethical role model for my grandkids.    

Action Statement: Hopefully, in 15 years my son who is a sophomore in college will have a family of his own. I want to model the type of behavior my son and grandkids would be proud of. I want them to attend church with me and lead by example in modeling the type of spiritual and ethical leadership this world is lacking.

· 20 years

Goal: Take part in a mission’s trip to a foreign country.    

Action Statement: When I retire, before I become physically unable, I want to participate in a mission’s trip. I have heard the stories about the life-changing impact a mission’s trip can have on individuals. To be a part of helping those less fortunate than I is something I have always wanted to do, but never had the time. During several deployments throughout my military career, I have been a part of helping local communities in various forms. However, taking part in a mission’s trip is a lifelong, bucket list item. I think the experience would be life changing.    

IV. Physical and Health

· 1 year

Goal: Rejuvenate my exercise program and lose 15 pounds. 

Action Statement: Due to the overwhelming amount of work this program has been, I have allowed my exercise and diet to take a back seat to school work. During my military career, I enjoyed the daily exercise and the great shape I was in for 20 years. In two weeks, I am going to set aside an hour three times a week to get back on my treadmill and lift weights. By April 2019, I want to have lost 15 pounds and be back to the weight I was the day I retired.  

Objective: To remain healthy and active for the later stages of my life. At 45, I have to get back to eating healthy and exercising or it will twice as difficult when I am 50 or 55. 

· 5 years

Goal: Be the same weight I was the day I retired from active duty. 

Action Statement: Gaining weight is one of the easiest ways to put your heart and other body parts at increased risk of cancer and other diseases. I want to maintain the weight I was at retirement to limit my chances of becoming ill. 

· 15 years

Goal: Remain active and flexible enough to enjoy golf and outdoor activities with my son and family.

Action Statement: Continue to exercise and incorporate stretching into my program to ensure I can enjoy my latter years and remain active. 

· 20 years

Goal: Complete a half marathon. 

Action Statement: During my career, I enjoyed running and found it to be therapeutic. Running is a staple of military physical training. In 20 years, I want to remain active and in shape enough to compete in a half marathon. I will not be overly ambitious and strive for a full marathon; a half will suffice to meet a lifelong goal.


V. Social and Cultural

· 1 year

Goal: Join a golf league.

Action Statement: My neighbor has been asking me every month to join a golf league with him and some of other friends when my degree is finished. Next spring, I am going to join a golf league with my neighbors every week and enjoy the game I love so much.

Objective: Socialize and enjoy time with my friends and neighbors to explore opportunities to pass on the leadership skills and abilities I have gained.  

· 5 years

Goal: Travel to an area I have never been before and learn a different culture I have not previously been exposed to.   

Action Statement: Diversity is a key issue for leaders and managers to understand and embrace. Traveling to different areas and learning about other cultures is key to understanding their perspectives and life experiences and how they bring that perspective to the organization.  

· 15 years

Goal: Champion a social issue in my local community.

Action Statement: There are many issues that need people willing to lead and champion a cause for those less fortunate. I want to investigate a cause I am passionate about and take an active role in leading a social change effort. 

· 20 years

Goal: Investigate and retrace my family heritage. 

Action Statement: I think it is important to learn and understand where we come from and the roots of our family histories. I want to research my lineage and pass that on to my son and grandkids one day. 


VI. Mental and Educational

· 1 year

Goal: Begin teaching college

Action Statement: This educational journey has taught me so much and allowed me to grow as a leader and manager. Within one year of 29 Oct 18, I will begin teaching at a local college in my area.

Objective: Pass on the life lessons and experiences I have gained over my military career and my educational journey to those that have a thirst and hunger to enhance their leadership and management skills. 

· 5 years

· Goal: Attend a leadership training event such as The Gettysburg Leadership Experience.

Action Statement: As leaders we must continue to gain additional tools and experiences to further our my skills and abilities. Attending specialized training events with other leaders are critical to continually growing and learning as leaders.    

· 15 years

Goal: A lifelong goal of mine is to obtain my pilots license and fly.

Action Statement: This is an incredible mental challenge and will require months of work. I didn’t know I could accomplish graduate school, but I can accomplish anything I put my mind to.

· 20 years

Goal: Author a book on my experiences related to military leadership.  

Action Statement: In 28 years, I have learned a lifetimes worth of tidbits from great leaders as well as those who were not leaders. I want to capture this knowledge in written form so it can be documented for others to learn and gain from.

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