The literature review focuses on how other researchers have addressed similar questions. It places the study in context and discusses how it will differentiate itself from what is already in the field. You are attempting to establish what the literature says, and where the gap exists that you plan to fill with your project. You may find help at

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. Please make sure not to “stack” sources. Weave each source into the relevance of your project and each other. Group the literature by themes and use headings. This is NOT an annotated bibliography and should not be written like on. 

Your literature review should rely strictly on scholarly material to include government publications and peer reviewed journal articles. Using websites or news/media articles is NOT acceptable. Please see the lesson module for Weeks 4, 5, and 6 for examples of student and scholarly literature reviews. 

Technical Requirements:

  • Your paper must be at a minimum of 10-15 pages (the Title and Reference pages do not count towards the minimum limit).
  • Scholarly and credible references should be used. A good rule of thumb is at least 2 scholarly sources per page of content.
  • Type in Times New Roman, 12 point and double space.
  • Students will follow the current APA Style as the sole citation and reference style used in written work submitted as part of coursework. 
  • Points will be deducted for the use of Wikipedia or encyclopedic type sources. It is highly advised to utilize books, peer-reviewed journals, articles, archived documents, etc.
  • All submissions will be graded using the assignment rubric.


Print Rubric
HLSS Assignment Rubric 500-600 Level
Activity: Thesis Proposal – Week 3

Course: HLSS699 A002 Summer 2022

Name: Gussie Bellinger

20 points

17 points

15 points

13 points

Synthesis of Knowledge

Foundation of Knowledge

Application of Knowledge

Student exhibits a defined

and clear understanding of

the assignment. Thesis is

clearly defined and well-

constructed to help guide

the reader throughout the

assignment. Student builds

upon the thesis of the

assignment with well-

documented and

exceptional supporting

facts, figures, and/or


Establishes a good

comprehension of topic and

in the building of the thesis.

Student demonstrates an

effective presentation of

thesis, with most support

statements helping to

support the key focus of


Student exhibits a basic

understanding of the

intended assignment, but

the thesis is not fully

supported throughout the

assignment. While thesis

helps to guide the

development of the

assignment, the reader may

have some difficulty in

seeing linkages between

thoughts. While student has

included a few supporting

facts and statements, this

has limited the quality of

the assignment.

Exhibits a limited

understanding of the

assignment. Reader is

unable to follow the logic

used for the thesis and

development of key

themes. Introduction of

thesis is not evident, and

reader must look deeper to

discover the focus of the

writer. Student’s writing is

weak in the inclusion of

supporting facts or


Student demonstrates

proficient command of the

subject matter in the

assignment. Assignment

shows an impressive level of

depth of student’s ability to

relate course content to

practical examples and

applications. Student

provides comprehensive

analysis of details, facts, and

concepts in a logical


Student exhibits above

average usage of subject

matter in assignment.

Student provides above

average ability in relating

course content in examples

given. Details and facts

presented provide an

adequate presentation of

student’s current level of

subject matter knowledge.

The assignment reveals that

the student has a general,

fundamental understanding

of the course material.

Whereas, there are areas of

some concerning in the

linkages provided between

facts and supporting

statements. Student

generally explains concepts,

but only meets the

minimum requirements in

this area.

Student tries to explain

some concepts, but

overlooks critical details.

Assignment appears vague

or incomplete in various

segments. Student presents

concepts in isolation, and

does not perceive to have a

logical sequencing of ideas.

Student demonstrates a

higher-level of critical

thinking necessary for

graduate level work. Learner

provides a strategic

approach in presenting

examples of problem solving

or critical thinking, while

drawing logical conclusions

that are not immediately

obvious. Student provides

well-supported ideas and

reflection with a variety of

current and/or worldviews

in the

assignment. Student

presents a genuine

Student exhibits a good

command of critical thinking

skills in the presentation of

material and supporting

statements. Assignment

demonstrates the student’s

above average use of

relating concepts by using a

variety of factors. Overall,

student provides adequate

conclusions, with 2 or fewer


Student takes a common,

conventional approach in

guiding the reader through

various linkages and

connections presented in

assignment. However,

student presents a limited

perspective on key concepts

throughout assignment.

Student appears to have

problems applying

information in a problem-

solving manner.

Student demonstrates

beginning understanding of

key concepts, but overlooks

critical details. Learner is

unable to apply information

in a problem-solving

fashion. Student presents

confusing statements and

facts in assignment. No

evidence or little semblance

of critical thinking skills.

8/10/22, 4:28 PM
Page 1 of 3

Organization of


Writing and Research Skill

intellectual development of

ideas throughout


Student thoroughly

understands and excels in

explaining all major points.

An original, unique, and/or

imaginative approach to

overall ideas, concepts, and

findings is presented.

Overall format of

assignment includes an

appropriate introduction (or

abstract), well- developed

paragraphs, and conclusion.

Finished assignment

demonstrates student’s

ability to plan and organize

research in a logical


Student explains the

majority of points and

concepts in the assignment.

Learner demonstrates a

good skill level in formatting

and organizing material in

assignment. Student

presents an above average

level of preparedness, with

few formatting errors.

Learner applies some points

and concepts incorrectly.

Student uses a variety of

formatting styles, with some

inconsistencies throughout

the paper. Assignment does

not have a continuous

pattern of logical


Assignment reveals

formatting errors and a lack

of organization. Student

presents an incomplete

attempt to provide linkages

or explanation of key terms.

Student demonstrates an

excellent command of

grammar, as well as

presents research in a clear

and concise writing style.

The work represents a

thorough, extensive

understanding of word

usage. Student excels in the

selection and development

of a well- planned research

assignment. Assignment is

error-free and reflects

student’s ability to prepare

graduate-level writing for

possible publication in a

peer-reviewed (refereed)

journal. Student provides

sophisticated synthesis of

complex body of

information in the

preparation of assignment.

Research provided by

student contributes

significantly to the

development of the overall

thesis. Student incorporates

more than the minimum

quality references in the

development of the overall
thesis. Student incorporates

a variety of research

resources and methodology

in the preparation of


Student provides an

effective display of good

writing and grammar.

Assignment reflects

student’s ability to select

appropriate word usage and

presents an above-average

presentation of a given

topic or issue. Assignment

appears to be well-written

with no more than three-

five errors. Student provides

a good final product that

covers the above-minimal

requirements. Student

achieves an above average

synthesis of research, but

interpretation may be

narrow in scope and

description within

assignment. Assignment

contains the minimum

resources and presents an

average overview of key


Assignment reflects basic

writing and grammar, but

with more than 5 errors.

Key terms and concepts are

somewhat vague and not

completely explained

by student. Student uses a

basic vocabulary in

assignment. Student’s

writing ability is average,

but demonstrates a basic

understanding of the

subject matter. Assignment

provides a basic, but

borderline perspective of

student’s research abilities.

Student has incorporated

fewer source than required

by the assignment and does

not attempt to cover key

elements of assignment.

Topics, concepts, and ideas

are not coherently

discussed or expressed in

assignments. Student’s

writing style is weak and

needs improvement, along

with numerous proofreading

errors. Assignment lacks

clarity, consistency, and

correctness. Student fails to

provide an adequate

synthesis of research

collected for assignment.

The lack of appropriate

references or source

materials demonstrates the

student’s need for

additional help or training in

this area. Student needs to

review and revise


8/10/22, 4:28 PM
Page 2 of 3


Overall Score

Exemplary Accomplished Developing Beginning

8/10/22, 4:28 PM
Page 3 of 3

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