Respond to Colleagues Discussion in 24 hours Marketing

Assignment attached. Respond to Colleagues Discussion 150 words or more each in 24 hours


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Respond to Colleagues Discussion in 24 hours Marketing
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to two or more of your colleagues’ posts in one or more of the following ways: (Respond 150 words or more each Colleague)

· Ask a question about the ways in which your colleague has used persuasion in a business environment.

· Share an insight you gained from your colleague’s perspective on the benefits and risks of utilizing persuasion in a business environment.

· Provide an additional suggestion or share your thoughts on your colleague’s explanation of how they will use their own skills of persuasion to be an agent of positive change.  

Return to this Discussion in a few days to read the responses to your initial posting. Note what you have learned or any insights you have gained as a result of the comments your colleagues made.

1st Colleague to Respond to:

I have used persuasion in a business environment with both my employer and my own LLC. I am employed by a non-profit hospital, and one of the ways we supplement revenue production is with fundraisers. In the past, our hospital had a raffle and an assortment of prizes were awarded. The prizes were not appealing to all, and it was difficult to sell tickets. When I took responsibility of this fundraiser, I persuaded our leadership team to discontinue purchasing prizes and instead offer a cash raffle. I maintained cash raffle tickets would be easier to sell (they were) and would subsequently raise more money (it did). I was able to persuade them and delivered the outcomes I had suggested. On another occasion, my LLC submitted grant applications to receive funding for a building restoration in a historic zone of my hometown. I explained the benefits the building would provide to our community (3 store suites and 5 new apartments), plus saving the historic building and turning it from an eyesore to a source of community pride. Again, several grant committees allowed me to persuade then I would be effective and awarded the grants, and I delivered the outcomes I suggested. I have developed a personal brand of, “Teena has a vision and will share and deliver it” in my community.


There are many benefits to using persuasion to influence others at work. Providing a vision to others helps “sell” that vison, and when others understand and commit to it, they will work to complete the objectives. Pursuasion is a great way to promote collaboration and keep a team focused. Secondly, the negotiation involved in persuasion allows each member to ask and explain his or her objectives and their fears (Erhart, 2019). I regard effective persuasion as a “give and take” process, where we develop and share meaning together.


A significant risk of utilizing persuasion is alienating or losing the trust of the other. It is important to not apply pressure, but persuade through discourse and mutual understanding. If the other feels they have been deceived, manipulated or taken advantage of, they will regret their agreement. I do not ever want someone to regret his or her decision to work with me, and I want him or her to be sincerely in alignment with what we have agreed to, to maximize positive outcomes for all.


As a business professional and leader, I will use my own skills of persuasion to be an agent of positive change—I will use my powers for good, not evil. Ethical consideration requires I consider what is in the best interest of the community, to lift every member, and to do so requires every member to contribute to that negotiation. I must remember I’m here to serve (not myself) and do the work (that we agree needs to be done). Persuasion must be in the best interest of all.



Erhart, A. (2019, August 1). What is digital marketing? And how does it work? [Video]. YouTube.

2nd Colleague to respond to:

Top of Form

Without a question, persuasiveness skills are one of the crucial factors that aid marketers in persuading consumers to purchase goods and services by altering their opinions or perceptions (Conteh & Schmick, 2016). By persuading customers of their needs and expectations for the specific product I sell for my company, I use my persuasion talents in the business world. I persuade customers of the value of my offerings by demonstrating their potency and ability to satisfy their needs.

· Playing the Scarcity Card: In this strategy, potential consumers are informed that the product is probably going to be hard to come by in the near future. I employ this technique to persuade potential clients to purchase my goods. This persuades customers to purchase the product in order to prevent product shortages in the future and to avoid paying more for it because of the shortage (Susser et al., 2019).

· Giving social evidence is effective in a commercial setting when many people have a tendency to rely on the judgment of others. In order to persuade new customers to purchase my products, I offer case studies and testimonials from prior customers.

· Using phrases like “new,” “limited,” and “free” when describing my products: It’s important to note that many consumers like fresh or free goods. Therefore, using words like this in my product showcase will undoubtedly persuade people to purchase my product (Conteh et al., 2016). Additionally, I use the word “limited” to let clients know that they have a unique chance to buy these things because supplies may be scarce.

Identify at least two benefits of using persuasion to influence others at work. Identify at least one potential risk of utilizing persuasion in a business environment and how a person can work to overcome those risks.

Benefits of using persuasion to influence others at work

· Employees with persuasiveness abilities are more likely to persuade others to work, which increases productivity.

· Boost commercial sales.

· Using persuasive techniques to get other workers to work hard and accomplish their objectives is crucial.

· Help in decision-making.

Potential risks of utilizing persuasion in a business environment

· Customers may be duped into purchasing items they do not need by persuasive tactics if their expectations are set too high. Discontent may result from this.

· This can be prevented by first asking potential customers if they actually need the thing, you’re attempting to sell them. You can use this to decide whether to try to sell them something.

· In order to persuade customers, the persuasion may contain some incorrect facts about the goods.

· How can you make an effort to reduce the risk? Making sure you give consumers the right product information to persuade them to buy will help you avoid this.

Explain how you, as a business professional and leader, will use your own skills of persuasion to be an agent of positive change.

I will employ my persuasion abilities to bring about positive change in the following ways as a company professional and leader. I would begin by determining the target audience’s needs. I will decide whether to persuade them to buy the product by evaluating their needs. Build a relationship with your audience. As it enables them to inquire about my items, mutual understanding will be crucial in convincing and communicating with my customers. Think about the advantages (Simmons, 2019). It should be noted that it is crucial to think about the advantages of the product you persuade clients to purchase. Thai will boost sales, which will boost client satisfaction and corporate effectiveness.


Conteh, N. Y., & Schmick, P. J. (2016). Cybersecurity: risks, vulnerabilities and countermeasures to prevent social engineering attacks. International Journal of Advanced Computer Research, 6(23), 31.

Susser, D., Roessler, B., & Nissenbaum, H. (2019). Online manipulation: Hidden influences in a digital world. Geo. L. Tech. Rev., 4, 1.

Simmons, A. (2019). The story factor: Inspiration, influence, and persuasion through the art of storytelling. Basic books.

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