Please answer each questions separately and in complete paragraphs


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discusses children’s developmental levels and explains developmentally appropriate practice (DAP) in detail.


Tell us in 3-5 sentences what you learned about variables.


  At a minimum, who should be notified during a crisis situation?

 2.  Describe what is meant by “social gains” in crisis communications? 


 Select a controversial issue of your choice (the world is your oyster… anything that people might reasonably… or not? debate). How might people’s differing ethical evaluations be understood or explained? And how might interdisciplinary analysis help us understand and untangle these differences?


Freberg discusses some social media deadly sins, and additional social media violations that could cost a brand valuable online loyalty. Of the “sins” mentioned, select one you feel is the strongest violation. Provide an example and explain why it offends you. Your example can be the offense of a company as well as individuals


 What issue is the FTC taking up with influencers and social media celebrities?


You just received a job as a social media manager for a small, nondenominational church that is open to all people. With little to no supervision, what are one or two principles you would adapt when posting content and/or monitoring posts?


The Fourth Amendment sets limitations to stop and frisk and arrests. It also affords individuals to be protected against unreasonable searches and seizures.

This discussion asks you to examine probable cause and illegal searches and seizures.

Please thoroughly discuss each of the following:

1. A police officer must have probable cause to arrest an individual. What is probable cause? How much probable cause is needed to secure an arrest or search warrant?

2. What is the exclusionary rule? Discuss the exceptions to the exclusionary rule.

3. Discuss the difference in a stop and frisk and an arrest. What are the requirements for an officer to conduct a “stop and frisk”?


Scott Mayo worked as a bartender at The Local Watering Hole. One night at work, Scott got into an argument with Basil Scowen. Mayo owed Scowen $1500.00. The argument heated up and, after Scowen picked up a beer bottle threateningly and appeared to be intoxicated, Mayo grabbed a pistol kept behind the bar and fired at Scowen, killing him. Mayo says Scowen told him, “I am going to kill you,” and what he believed was imminent danger from Scowen.  Mayo was placed under arrest. He was not read his rights. He was transported to the local county jail. The prosecution witnesses are the police officer, who came to the scene and took statements from Mayo, and a frequent bar customer, Dawn Dietz, who witnessed some of what happened. The defense witnesses are the defendant, Mayo, and Joe, “the fireman”, who was outside and saw some of the action through the window while sitting on the patio.

1) Did the police have probable cause to arrest Mayo?

2) Did law enforcement violate Mayo’s constitutional rights? If yes, explain how. If not, explain why.

3) Were the police required to read Mayo his Miranda rights? Discuss why.


While Jurgen Habermas derides mass culture for corrupting our ability to reason, what role, if any, might education play in promoting “The Rationalizing of the Life World”? Second, as a form of technology, do you consider the Internet a potential way to improve our communication in society, or does it harm it? Defend your response with specific reference to the reading. Also include a link to a recent news piece related to the impact of education or technology on society.  Briefly discuss the connection of the news piece to the discussion topic


observations from your research on biopsychology, cognitive neuropsychology and clinical neuropsychology as subspecialties and career options

1) List at least four careers for each of these areas of psychology.
2) After researching these areas, did you find any careers that interested you? Why or why not?
3) What did you find to be the most interesting aspect about of these subspecialties in psychology? 


Which one of the theories do you think is most useful in understanding and explaining personality development in contemporary society? (IE Development theory).


Gender-based stereotypes are presented through the mass media. Locate an article, cartoon, or advertisement that conveys a gender message. Analyze the message by answering the following questions. Also, please attach your media or share the media’s url address.

1. What is the message the media is trying to convey?

2. What examples are used to convey this message?

3. Does the message fit a gender-role stereotype? Why?

4. Is the gender message consistent with your beliefs about gender?


How does the development of self-awareness and self-esteem factor into the development of social problem solving skills? Based on what you’ve learned, does the media (social, video games, music, movies, etc.) help or hurt the development of social problem solving skills? Please give examples to support your claim. Make sure to support your answers with facts from the lesson material (found under the Content tab). 

I have a challenge for you. Can you find an example, online, of a child, (any stage of development), showing positive social problem solving skills and an example with poor or no social problem solving skills? Start your search locally. If you can’t find anything, broaden your search to state and national news. If you still can’t find anything you may use social media. Please post the results of your search. If you found something, post the link/s, a summary of what you found, and your thoughts about it. 


Discuss the evolution of policing in the United States (U.S.), specifically addressing the modern era of policing in the U.S.

2. What are some of the social turning points in the development of policing in the U.S.?


research on biological and psychological perspectives, as well as discusses strain and culture deviance theories, discuss/debate your position pertaining to biological and psychological perspectives of explaining crime. Also, examine at least one theory that explain crime and articulate why you either strongly agree or disagree with it.


1. Describe the difference between serial and parallel processing of information.

2. Select a skill and illustrate how each of these concepts relates to the interaction between short-term and long-term memory.


Explain the term ‘skewness’. What purpose does a measure of skewness serve?  Distinguish between Karl Pearson’s and Bowley’s measure of skewness. Which one of these would you prefer and why?


Think about the team that you would have working for you, including vendors and providers. All persons that you employ in some fashion are a representative of your company. How would you ensure all parties act and behave ethically? Is a high ethical standard the single most important factor in long-term success? Explain. How and why is taking a high ethical ground result in a good decision for business?


As you start to think of your new product development, look at the revolutionary approach versus the evolutionary approach. Classify your idea as revolutionary or evolutionary. Explain why your idea fits the approach.


Think about any activity that you would like to analyze. For example, you may be dealing with sales and therefore, you would like to know factors that could influence or boost your sales – could be domestic or international. Or maybe you would like to purchase a house or car. What kind(s) of data would you need for your analysis? Describe the data for this activity and explain the rationale for each choice

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