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Why is it important to include a literature review in research?


After watching the video
For Love of Liberty, For Love of Liberty, the Story of America’s Black Patriots Films on Demand

. Write a summary of the main points of the documentary.


What is aesthetics and explain the concept of aesthetics in a toddler classroom?

How can you promote aesthetic experiences in toddlers?


 1.  In your own words, what are the major factors in crisis leadership?

 2.  Describe some key models of training. Which do you think is most effective?




Scott Mayo, Defendant



Scott Mayo worked as a bartender at The Local Watering Hole. One night at work, Scott got into an argument with Basil Scowen. Mayo owed Scowen $1500.00. The argument heated up and, after Scowen picked up a beer bottle threateningly and appeared to be intoxicated, Mayo grabbed a pistol kept behind the bar and fired at Scowen, killing him. Mayo says Scowen told him, “I am going to kill you,” and what he believed was imminent danger from Scowen.  Mayo was placed under arrest. He was not read his rights. He was transported to the local county jail. The prosecution witnesses are the police officer, who came to the scene and took statements from Mayo, and a frequent bar customer, Dawn Dietz, who witnessed some of what happened. The defense witnesses are the defendant, Mayo, and Joe, “the fireman”, who was outside and saw some of the action through the window while sitting on the patio.

Based on the facts provided to you, if you are the prosecutor, what will you charge Mayo with using your own state law? Please discuss why in your response, providing a detailed analysis of how you reach your decision on the charge(s). 


 What was the Industrial Revolution and why was it important for the development of sociological theory? What has changed since the days of the Industrial Revolution? In other words, what major social changes have occurred that sociological theorists would have to take into account in their theories on the social world?


List at least four careers for each of these areas of psychology.
2) After researching these areas, did you find any careers that interested you? Why or why not?
3) What did you find to be the most interesting aspect about of these subspecialties in psychology? 


Compare a contraceptive’s perfect use with its typical use.  Identify some factors that prevent people from engaging in contraception use or use that is not perfect.  What solutions people can use to overcome these challenges. How can these solutions be conveyed? 


How do genetic and environmental factors work together to influence emotional and moral development? What can parents do to ensure healthy emotional and moral development with their children?

This week you’re going on a field trip – an internet field trip! Please do a search online for a current event that relates to the material in the reading this week. Give a brief summary of what you found and explain how it fits in with what you learned this week. Don’t forget to cite your source!


This week’s reading provides an overview of the changing boundaries of criminology, counting crime and measuring criminal behavior, and the schools of thought throughout history pertaining to the study of those that commit a crime. Discuss the early history of the criminal theory and its application to crime control i.e., Positivist School vs. Classical School, plus gender, class, and race as they relate to crime. Also, discuss if racial profiling is justifiable? Ever? If the answer is yes, discuss how effective the profiling must be to remain justified? If the answer is no, do the events of 9/11 suggest a justification for other forms of ethnic profiling?


Sport sponsorship is a great way to generate revenue for a professional sports team, tournament, stadium, or individual sport. It is also a great way to promote a product, which is why it is a billion dollar industry. Naming rights for National Football League (NFL) football stadiums bring in $20 million a year. NASCAR racing teams count on multiple sponsors in order to help with costs, and minor league and major league baseball team’s count on giveaways or contests to bring in fans.

Consider yourself the marketing director for the ”

Frisco Roughriders Minor League Baseball Team

” (real team alert!) Ticket sales are down and you need to bring in more fans quickly: Come up with promotion ideas to enable the Roughriders to draw in fans with the following in mind: Using bullet points, what age group are you targeting? How? Why? Give an example for each category:

1. Giveaway (Who is your target audience?)

2. Theme Night

3. Contest


outside research is a necessity: Start by reading the 95 page decision by Judge Underhill regarding the Quinnipiac Cheerleading Squad and Title IX:  


Please discuss your opinion on this case and what it means for the future of programs like this.  Please remember to list your references.


1. Compare and contrast the concepts of motor learning and motor performance, provide an example.

2. Select and define a movement, including the environmental predictability and task organization. When teaching this movement, how do the concepts of skill and ability interact?


Visit the website of any publicly traded company of your choice (via web search or

) and identify and provide two (2) examples of the decisions that the company’s senior executives made using data to achieve various goals (business expansion, merge, acquisition, increase success and profitability, and the like)  Explain how you believe the data influenced the decision.



these sources about the Johari Window

, and then complete a self-assessment using the Johari Window. Post your Johari Window and determine your opportunities for self-awareness and areas for improvement.

· How will you use your opportunities for self-awareness?

· What will you do about your areas of improvement?

· What goals will you set for yourself to make those improvements?

· How will you make this a priority?

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