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Week 3 Discussion 2: Global Diplomacy and Its Influence on Solving Public Health Issues 

Evaluate importance of Global Diplomacy to address Public Health issues you critically analyzed in Assignment 1.

Offer an argument defending Global Diplomacy strategies (make sure to discuss minimum 2) in assuring Global Community participation addressing the matters in the country you chose.

Offer discussion of the communication tools used (minimum 2) used to develop appropriate messaging and communication to share the updates and outcomes with the relevant Global Governance agencies (make sure to identify the agency and reason for choosing it).

Make sure to support your reasoning and conclusions with evidence from credible sources (no less than 2 no more than 5). Format citations and references in APA 7th Edition. Try not to write more than 500 words for the first post and about 300 for each reply. This activity is weighted 5% of the final grade.

Make sure to comment on minimum two of your peers’ posts. Provide assessment of their arguments in terms of validity and relevance of the strategies picked to address chosen issues. Offer another Global Diplomacy strategy or communication tool that could be used for solving those issues. 



Global health diplomacy has stemmed in enhanced global health, greater equity, restored relations and trust between states and a supported obligation on the portion of stakeholders to work together to advance health nationally and globally (World Bank Group,2020). Governmental structures comprise of a cabinet directed by a prime minister, a two-house parliament containing the Senate and House of Assembly, and a dualistic judicial system, with both constitutional and traditional courts (World Bank Group,2020). The United States pursues to preserve and strengthen mutual relations, and stresses Eswatini’s requirement for sustained political and economic improvement (World Bank Group,2020). Eswatini is the last country in Africa to continue diplomatic relations with Taiwan (World Bank Group,2020). This health systems strengthening for human capital development project will benefit Eswatini to improve health service delivery by assimilating and increasing the quality of nutrition and vital reproduction, maternal, neonatal, child and adolescent health services and noncommunicable disease services such as hypertension and diabetes (U.S Department of State,2021).

         Defense diplomacy is a foreign policy objective that contours and gears to security policy, it is a perpetual place in the system of cooperation between their state and international organizations (Campbell,2012). Global health diplomacy is significant because of the health issues that exceed national borders (Kickbusch & Kokeny, 2013). The COVID-19 is not the first nor the most ominous global pandemic, and it will possible not be the last; however, this pandemic challenged health systems around the world and generated a new and improved standpoint of the value of national, regional and global cooperation of the crisis (Kickbusch & Kokeny, 2013).

Social media provides an innovative classified project whether it is sharing information from the CDC or WHO or generating different forms of information by stakeholder. Such information is produced by local governments and ordinary social media platforms users (Zhou and Wang, 2014). Additionally, the communicating, participative, accessible, and visible nature of social media provides the commitment of all stakeholders, causing an increased identification of social media branding and information delivery (Zhou and Wang, 2014). The function and influence of social media has been even more evident and identifiable during the Covid-19 pandemic, as people felt the need to associate, read, and share up-to-date information. Governments also accelerated their digital efforts during the pandemic. 


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Let me start by defining saying  Global Diplomacy is “ The concentration in Global Diplomacy focuses on the interactions between nations. The courses in this concentration focus on economic interactions, military security, and international law/organization” (LSU). Global Diplomacy in Public Health is very important because the helps with the foundation of good relationships, which means you can help each in times of need. The term Global Health Diplomacy, “aims to capture these multi-level and multi-actor negotiation processes that shape and manage the global policy environment for health” (Kickbusch, 2007). For instance, when China need PPE at the beginning of COVID-19 or before it was huge in the states, the president sent supplies of PPE to help China. Global Diplomacy is also very important per Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, “We live in an era of integration and interconnection, a new era in which no country can solve all challenges on its own” (Novotny, Kickbusch & Told, 2013). This states that each country needs help to fully function at some point or another and it is better to have allies. 
The Global Health strategies “ Needs to function within a multipolar world and within a multi-level and multi-dimensional global governance structure, which increasingly includes a regional level, Is no longer conducted only by traditional, professional diplomats, Is challenged to manage not only the relations between states (bilateral and multilateral) but also the relations between states and other actors (polylateral); it manages these relationships at various diplomatic venues and by using a wide range of instruments, Is increasingly engaged in public diplomacy vis-à-vis an informed public and many new actors at home and abroad, Is involved in and contributes to a host of international issues which require global coordination under conditions of interdependence, such as security, health, the environment, global finance, and climate change, needs to consider a much closer interface between domestic and inter-national policies and cooperation with national ministries.” (Novotny, Kickbusch & Told, 2013). Two of the most important Global Health strategies are “manages these relationships at various diplomatic venues and by using a wide range of instruments and Is involved in” and “contributes to a host of international issues which require global coordination under conditions of interdependence, such as security, health, the environment, global finance, and climate change”. (Novotny, Kickbusch & Told, 2013). These two strategies focus on building or having relationships with other countries and being aware of the global issues in each other’s countries to know how to help each other or improve. For instance, Uganda and the US have a great relationship, the US provides $82 million in assistance via U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the U.S. Department of State.
    A communication tool is “news media, such as the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the LA Times” (Kim & Kreps, 2020), which provided updates on COVID-19 while U.S. federal government kept denying that COVID was a risk and that it would just disappear on it own before getting serious. The internet is another tool for communication that such sources as the Wall Street Journal’s and CNN’s sites to respond to public inquiries about COVID. I chose these two outlets or forms of communication because they are the most used. 


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United States Provides $82 Million in Humanitarian Assistance in. (2022). USAID.

Kim, D. K. D., & Kreps, G. L. (2020). An Analysis of Government Communication in the United States During the COVID‐19 Pandemic: Recommendations for Effective Government Health Risk Communication. World Medical & Health Policy, 12(4), 398–412.

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