Information and Communication Technologies for Students with Disabilities

 For this assignment, you have been assigned a student named Victor. For Victor, you must identify current and emerging assistive technologies to enable him to participate in high-quality communication interactions and achieve his educational goals. In addition, you will need to provide an adequate rationale for the use of this technology by describing how it will assist the student with disabilities to overcome his learning barriers to meet his/her educational goals. 

  You will complete the assignment on this

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Information and Communication Technologies for Students with Disabilities
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I only need 4 technologies , on the information document in the bottom says the example of the work, i only need 4 and the examples are below , DUE in 16 hours

Assistive Technology Continuum
of Low to High Tech Tools

Boston Public Schools
Access Technology Center (ATC)

Contact Information – message goes to all ATC staff

Kristen Eichleay, Director 617-635-8882, ext. 406

Susan DuBuske, Assistive Technology Assessor 617-635-8882, ext. 404

ATC Web Sites

BPS Public Web Site: MyBPS Web Site:
• Teaching and Learning • Teaching and Learning
• Technology • OIIT Technology
• Access Technology Center • Instructional Technology

• Access Technology Center

Kristen Eichleay and Susan DuBuske, Boston Public Schools Access Technology Center 12-05 2

Assistive Technology Continuum: Examples of Low to High Tech Tools

Motor/Mechanics of Writing

Binder – use as a slant board; hold in place with rug lock
Rubber stamps – letters, numbers, math functions facilitate simple tasks, e.g., writing name
on paper
< Rug lock – stabilizes work/writing surface Koosh ball – sensory input, kinesthetic, stress reliever, identifies speaker in group < Pencil grips – various types

Grip It! – a holder for pens that attaches to desk, computer, etc.
Tactile rulers – some school rulers have raised numbers/lines with notches for locating
points on the ruler or make your own with puff paints
< Evo pen – oval pen that fits in the palm of the hand < eGrip, Dr. Grip pens - rubber grip in middle < Light Pen – enhances writing area < Plastic signature guide and writing guide – (ILA) guides the writer’s hand; keeps within lines; also use to frame text as read $3.49 writing guide; $2.50 signature guide

< Raised line paper (Therapro, Onion Mountain Tech) – primary or elementary – Red/Green paper indicates Start/Stop points

Motor/Writing & Reading Supports

White board – easier for some students to use (some are magnetic as well)
< Page holders (TOP) Page Up (MTM - Minstrel Trading & Marketing, Corp., Onion Mountain Tech) each/minimum purchase of 5, small footprint but holds large papers), and (BOTTOM) acrylic cardholders (Maddak, Inc./Ableware® - purchase at ILS -Independent Living Aids, $5.95); also look for clear picture holders (office supply) - to hold story pages, schedules, directions, vocabulary words, math tables, etc.; place in page holder on desk for continuous access; student can manipulate cards to create sentences, number problems, etc. if writing is difficult < Finger grip ruler (Westcott, office supply, $1) – for students with fine motor difficulties; allows ruler to be grasped by raised center grip bar; also use for focusing on words/lines while reading

Magnetic sheets/business cards – can be cut as needed to create numbers, letters, words,
sentence strips; put on cookie sheet, metal ruler/yardstick (use also as visual/reading supports)
Magnetic picture frames – all sizes; to hold pictures/words
Velcro (AliMed offers discounts to schools) – attach letters, words, sentences, etc. on
ruler/yardstick or garden gloves/mittens for interactive lessons
< Velcro enhanced books – copy or cut out graphics from books; attach velcro to picture and book for interactive lessons; purchase commercially made Velcro books, e.g., Interactive Stories (Mayer-Johnson, $19.00)

Kristen Eichleay and Susan DuBuske, Boston Public Schools Access Technology Center 12-05 3

< Veltex/soft fabric –(Fabrics & Fasteners, self-adhesive also; fabric stores) - use Veltex or other soft fabric to create bulletin boards, fabric boards/books, gloves/mittens, etc. for interactive word/number play with Velcro backed symbols/props (Discount School Supply for gloves/mittens, when available; Storytelling Book Tote; Storytelling Set)

< Inquiry Box (make it yourself) - Access Tech has developed a fun, inexpensive, interactive, multi-purpose teaching/learning tool for the classroom using a cardboard mailing carton. The box has plastic page protectors/pockets on all 6 sides, allowing you to address a wide variety of content areas by inserting pictures, words, numbers, etc., inside the pockets to be used in a variety of creative ways. The Inquiry Box handout provides directions for making the box and strategies for its use.

Visual/Reading Supports

Easy reading text guides: Use plastic signature guide or Finger Grip Ruler or regular ruler
< Bar Magnifier w/ yellow guiding line (ILA) - 6" is $3.95 & 9" is $4.95 Other Magnifiers - sheets, bars, hemi-sphere styles; many bars have a yellow highlighter section down the middle to emphasize words/phrases in text Correction tape – removable; write on it and erase it; can be removed without damaging paper/text < Highlighter tape (Lee Products - Crystal Springs Books) - removable; same as correction tape but comes in many colors; emphasize words/phrases in text; laminate to make a student reading guide that highlights/focuses in on text; $1.25/roll (Use for motoric challenges too) < Reading Helper (Onion Mountain Tech; Crystal Springs Books) - white plastic strip with highlighting down the middle; multiple colors and sizes the middle to help students track text as they read, 10 for $13.95 Laminate highlighter tape to make your own reading guide < Page Flags – removable; use to emphasize words/text, etc. < See It Right or other colored transparencies (See It Right!) – use to correct specific visual perceptual problems; student chooses preferred color to place over book/text Enlarge text on photocopier - can place in card holder on desk Jumbo rulers (educational supply) – enlarged numbers/lines < Word rings – create your own from index cards, can laminate; or purchase pre-made packages (Top Notch Teacher/school supply) - words, words & definitions, words & pictures, etc. Words in a bottle – put laminated words in a plastic bottle for easy access Transparent pencil cases – with holes for a notebook or hanging style (like travel bath cases); holds letter or word cards

Corner Rounding Punch (Bidex Precision Cutting, at office/craft stores) – clips off sharp
edges on laminated cards, etc. for improved appearance and safety

Avery Removable Label Paper, 8.5” X 11” (Office Supply, AVE-6465/ 25 pack, $15-$20) –
– Full page removable labels for use on AAC devices, notebooks, adapting books, etc. Print
BoardMaker symbols to adapt a book and peel off later, keeping the book intact.

Veltex story pouch bag –
front and back

Kristen Eichleay and Susan DuBuske, Boston Public Schools Access Technology Center 12-05 4

Binder Clips (Office Supply) – use to clip student work onto hangars for classroom
display; come in a variety of sizes

< Sentence Strips & Objects/Symbols - on Veltex/soft pouch board; store words/sentences, etc. inside the pouch (Augmentative Resources)

Math Supports

< The Master Ruler - (Master Innovations, Inc., $6.95) Ruler has 5 separate transparent layers, each measuring a different fraction of an inch shown in a unique color for easy identification. Use for measurement skills, fractions, addition and subtraction of mixed numbers and improper fractions, and multiplication and division of fractions. All layers of the teacher's ruler are clear for overhead presentations.

< The Master Fraction (Master Innovations, Inc., $5.95, Starter Set $22.95) - Transparent overlays demonstrate the concepts of equivalency, reducing, improper and proper fractions, adding, subtracting common and uncommon denominators, mixed numbers, and more covering the fractions: 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/3, 1/6, 1/12, 1/5, 1/10, 1/20.

The Master Angle (Master Innovations, Inc., $3.00) – Circular disk showing 360 degrees
with moveable lines to form angles

The Master Clock (Master Innovations, $9.95) – transparent layers & removeable gears
< Fractionograms (Onion Mountain Technology) - set of two stamps demonstrate parts

and their relationship to the whole ($13.95)

< X-Y Stamp (Onion Mountain Technology) - Creates a negative and positive X-Y axis
Large 1″ grid chart paper (office supply) – promotes visual access; laminate for reuse

MID TECH (battery powered)

< Time Timer (Generaction) – visual depiction of elapsed time; 3”, 8” and 12” sizes; students see a visual depiction of time remaining for a task in red as the clock counts down

< Speaking Homework Wiz (Franklin Electronic Publishers) – promote reading support for student independence; HomeWork Wiz ($24.95) & Talking Homework Wiz ($49.95) for primary & early elementary; Merriman Webster Dictionary & Thesaurus ($59.95) or the Speaking version ($79.95) for upper elementary to high

< Talking Photo Album (Onion Mountain Tech; sometimes available at discount stores, e.g., Joanne’s Fabrics )– Places pictures/story pages in the plastic sleeves and record up to 24 pages of speech ($29 for photo album, $45 for album with idea book; can also be found sometimes at large discount stores))

< Neo (AlphaSmart, Inc.) portable keyboard – simple word processor; connects directly to computer/printer to transfer text; software applets available for Inspiration, KeyWords keyboarding program & Co:Writer word prediction software.

Kristen Eichleay and Susan DuBuske, Boston Public Schools Access Technology Center 12-05 5


< Loc Dots – raised plastic dots that are used to tactually identify keys on a keyboard or objects, e.g., house keys

< Key Guard – clear lucite keyboard cover with holes cut out; facilitates selection of keys

< Zoomcaps – (Meeting the Challenge or Don Johnston) - enlarged individual stick-on key overlays make finding keys easier

< Big Keys – one of several alternative large letter, abc order keyboards for young children or students with motor or cognitive challenges difficulties

< Touch Window – (Edmark) touch sensitive screen that goes over the monitor < Alternative Keyboard, e.g., IntelliKeys Keyboard (IntelliTools, Inc.) - use as keyboard without with software or with IntelliTools Software Suite (IntelliTalk III talking word processor/authoring tool; IntelliPics Studio multimedia tool; IntelliMathics manipulative math program; activities available online to download)

Accessibility features built into Mac/PC – control panels address a range of disability issues
Visual/Reading Support Tools:
< BoardMaker – Picture Communication Symbols software; create stories with text/symbols; picture dictionaries, supplement text with symbols, substitute text with symbols, create communication boards, etc. < Inspiration/Kidspiration (Inspiration) – graphic organizer software Slide Shows – Kid Pix, ClarisWorks/AppleWorks, Power Point Earobics (Cognitive Concepts) – auditory discrimination software Simon Sounds it Out (Don Johnston) – phonics-based program using word families Beginning Phonics Reading (Lexia) – based on Orton Gillingham Reading SOS Strategies for Older Students (Lexia) - based on Orton Gillingham < Electronic books, e.g., Start-to-Finish Books (Don Johnston) – high interest/low reading
level sets; 2nd-3rd or 4th-5th reading grade levels; book, audiotape & CD that highlights text &
reads it aloud to student
Text-to-Speech: Shareware, e.g., Tex-Edit (Mac) & freeware, e.g., Read Please (PC); some
Some commercial word processors have text-to-speech features, e.g., IntelliTalk III
(IntelliTools) and Write Out:LOUD (Don Johnston) – read text aloud & highlight words as
Text readers – e.g., Kurzweil 3000 (Kurzweil Educational Systems), Read
& Write Gold (TextHelp) – read all text files, e.g., from the web, scanned, etc.
Word prediction that works with any word processor – e.g., Co:Writer – anticipates what
the student wants to say and provides a list of words to choose from
Electronic text (etext) – text files found online, scanned, etc., to use with text readers

Online Virtual Manipulatives: The Select Math site
provides links (paired with middle school standards) to online manipulatives. There are many more
manipulatives for all levels at the linked sites, e.g., Project Interactivate, NCTM, PBS Teacherline, & Explore

Please note: The following list describes products that,
for the most part, are currently in use in Boston Public
Schools classrooms. The Boston Public Schools does not
make any endorsement, recommendation or warranty as
to any specific product listed here.

• A.D.D. Warehouse
Phone: 800-233-9273

• AliMed
Phone: 800-225-2610

• Augmentative Communication, Inc.
Phone: 831-649-3050

• Crystal Springs Books
Phone: 800-321-0401

• ABC Stuff: Resources for Reading
Phone: 800-278-7323

• CAST Center for Applied Special Technology
Phone: 781-245-2212
CAST eReader

• Discount School Supply

• Don Johnston Incorporated
Phone: 847-740-0749
Range of AT products

• Fabrics & Fasteners (formerly P & A Sales)
Phone: 888-696-1020
Veltex fabric (self-adhesive type also available, Velcro

• Franklin Electronic Publishers
Phone: 800-525-9673
Hand-held dictionary/spellers, etc

• Generaction
Phone: 877-771-8463
Time Timer elapsed time clock

• J. L. Hammett, Co.
Phone: 800-955-2200
Educational Supply

• Independent Living Aids, Inc. (ILA)
Phone: 800-537-2118
Range of magnifiers & other talking, tactile devices, etc.

• Inspiration Software, Inc.
Phone: 503-297-3004

• IntelliTools, Inc.
Phone: 707-773-2000
Adaptive tools and software.

• Kurzweil Educational Systems
Phone: 899-894-5374
Kurzweil 3000 & Kurzweil 1000

• LynJan Solutions, Inc.
Phone: 269-424-6520

• Master Innovations, Inc.
Phone: 908-859-1788

• Mayer-Johnson, Inc.
Phone: 800-588-4548
Tools & software for language development

• Meeting the Challenge, Inc.
Phone: 719-444-0252

• Minstrel Trading & Marketing, Corp. (MTM)
Phone: 305-165-0186

• New England Office Supply
Phone: 800-345-7080, X297 Tim Osborn, BPS Rep.
BPS staff get 35% off all orders

• Onion Mountain Technology
Phone: 860-693-2683
Wide range of low and mid tech tools available for purchase

• See It Right!
Phone: 909-481-2950
Colored acetate filters & training to support students with
visual perceptual problems.

• TextHELP!® Systems Ltd.
Text readers and word prediction software

Information and Communication Technologies for Students with Disabilities 
Portfolio Group Assignment: Victor

For Victor, you must identify current and emerging assistive technologies to enable him to participate in high-quality communication interactions and achieve his educational goals. In addition, you will need to provide an adequate rationale for the use of this technology by describing how it will assist the student with disabilities to overcome his learning barriers to meet his/her educational goals.

For Victor, you are to do the following:

· Identify 6 technologies in a numbered fashion, following the directions for the type of technologies that must be included, and include the information using the bolded headings. You must include the bolded headings in your document followed by your response. You MUST carefully review your document for quality of writing, use of professional language, and writing mechanics.

· You must be sure to include some technologies that cover the learner’s goal

· See specifically under the learner the types of technologies you must include.

When you identify the technology to be used you must include each of the following


Name of Technology and its URL: Include the name of the technology, its URL and a brief description.

Type of technology. (e.g., software, online learning tool, app, hardware/device, etc.

Technology Description: Briefly describe the technology
. Be sure to include the features that would be useful to learning. Write this well enough so that someone could read it and get an overall understanding of what it is and how it works.

How does this technology help overcome the learning barrier(s) and meet the learning goal(s): You must describe specifically what barrier(s) this technology will help the student overcome and how it will help him/her meet his/her learning goals. This is a critical part of the assignment in that it demonstrates your understanding of the usefulness of the technology.

Profile 1: Victor


· Victor, aged 12.

Learning needs

· Victor has a diagnosis of severe learning disabilities, with dyslexia and dysgraphia. 

Reading Challenges: He is a reluctant reader and because of this when he has to read to gather information to write his composition papers, he is slow and doesn’t always gather the most important information.

Writing Challenges: He finds handwriting difficult. His written work is messy and often illegible with very poor spelling. Beyond his handwriting challenges, he has trouble writing or composing papers, that is, he his poor written expression. He often writes incomplete sentences, has errors in syntax, grammar, and spelling. He often doesn’t know what is important to write. Sometimes his paragraphs lack a main idea, etc.

· During writing and composition time, he often becomes withdrawn. He is self-conscious about his difficulties and resists working with the teacher’s aide.

· He has a history of anxiety and now his school attendance has reduced.

· Academic performance in comparison to her peers has been falling steadily.

Learning goals

1. Increase and improve his written expression

2. Improve his reading for content to better compose papers.

3. Increase accuracy and complexity writing, improve legibly and spelling

Assignment: Identify and present in a numbered fashion 5 technologies to help Victor overcome his learning barriers and meet his learning goals. Be sure to include

· Software, hardware, and/or Web 2.0 tools, low-tech solutions but not simply websites to find information.

There should be technologies to support his reading to help him when composing papers, his handwriting, and his composing papers. Some technologies could support more than one of the challenges. You can’t have all the technologies support just one of his challenges (e.g., spelling). For example, you can’t only have reading support technologies or only compositing support technologies, etc. You must include a variety of technologies.

Important: You must include one technology that the teacher would use to facilitate Victor’s learning. That is, what technology could the teacher use to teach Victor (and the others in his class) improved reading and/or writing skills.

Technology Write Up Example (You will need to be double space your paper):

Name of Technology and its URL: Kurzweil 3000

Type of technology: Kurzweil 3000 is an assistive technology software and application that offers tools such a speech to text and more specifically for those with language impairments, learning disabilities, or a general boost for those who have difficulty writing.

Technology Description: Kurzweil 3000 is a scanning, reading, and writing solution for those with learning, reading, and writing disabilities. Scanned material such as an entire curriculum can also be scanned and read allowed in text to speech format. Kurzweil 3000 also allows includes a dictionary, thesaurus, spell checker, audible spell checking, and a vocabulary list.

How does this technology help overcome the learning barrier(s) and meet the learning goal(s): Victor has a diagnosis of dyslexia and dysgraphia for which Kurzweil is highly useful. With Kurzweil he has the ability to be read scanned material and read to him making him less reluctant to read. As for his writing with the speech to text technology he was the ability to speak his thoughts into text and then modify it as he chooses. This should increase the accuracy and complexity of his writing, and improve legibly and move towards conventional spelling. Making writing easier he should be able to improve on his reading and writing assignments thus boosting his willingness to go to school and decreasing his anxiety about school.

Technologies Recommended for Victor

Name of Technology and its URL:

Type of technology.

Technology Description:

How does this technology help overcome the learning barrier(s) and meet the learning goal(s):

Name of Technology and its URL:

Type of technology.

Technology Description:

How does this technology help overcome the learning barrier(s) and meet the learning goal(s):

Name of Technology and its URL:

Type of technology.

Technology Description:

How does this technology help overcome the learning barrier(s) and meet the learning goal(s):

Name of Technology and its URL:

Type of technology.

Technology Description:

How does this technology help overcome the learning barrier(s) and meet the learning goal(s):

Name of Technology and its URL:

Type of technology.

Technology Description:

How does this technology help overcome the learning barrier(s) and meet the learning goal(s):


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