How It Works

Submitting your assignment at Essay Dodo is very easy and will only take a few minutes of your time. The following are the steps followed from the time of order placement until your paper is delivered.

Give us the details

Click on the “Order Now” button to be redirected to the order page. Fill out the order form with essay instructions your teacher has provided. All you need to do to register is give us a working email address, a user name, and a password and we’ll help generate an account for you. When filling the order form ensure you include all relevant instructions such as the reference style, assignment deadline, number of sources, and number of pages.

The more detailed your instructions are, the more accurate the final paper will be. If needed, include relevant resources, links, and academic level of English (ESL/ENL) in the Paper Instructions field. A further deadline may result in a lower price.

  • Make payment

Once the order form is completed, the pricing system generates an invoice for payment on your end. If you are having issues completing the order do not hesitate to contact our support team as they are here to guide you to the completion of the order. Make payment as soon as possible as our experts will only start working on your order once payment has been received in full and has been authorized. 

  • Choose your writer

Browse writers’ proposals, profiles, reviews, and rates. Chat with those you like the most and hire your favorite one. Our smart bidding system will recommend to you a writer that suits your requirements the most. You can as well request us to assign the order to the most qualified expert in your field if you are having problems deciding on the writer to choose.

All writers’ reviews are genuine as they can only be provided by customers that have hired a writer before. Each writer specializes in a certain field and has already attained a high level of experience, you can easily check this information in the writer’s profile. The higher the level of the writer is, the better the quality of your work will be.

Track your projects with ease

Manage your orders easily: check status, see progress history, collaborate with your writer from your desktop or on the go, add funds to your balance and use it to pay for orders after you are 100% satisfied. You will always receive notifications. They will inform you when a draft is ready, when you receive a chat message from your writer, or when the final paper is uploaded.

By using the account dashboard you can check your available funds, view order history, or check current order progress. Maintain continuous communication with your writer via chat. This allows you to discuss any difficult points or important sections of the essay.

  • Order processing

Once the order has been assigned to the most skillful academic writer, the process of writing begins. To reiterate, all the academic writers in our assignment help platform are highly qualified in the fields to ensure we provide online assignment writing services. Our writers make sure they have all the needed resources to find information for content-rich and quality results.

We also encourage our student clientele to provide additional resource material if need be for the assignment help to craft perfectly customized papers. Our expert team of writers helps you with information obtained from extensive research integrated with a seasoned resonate. This is the only way to guarantee our clients that all their papers are proficiently written with quality and relevance being at the forefront.

  • Delivery of the order

This is the part where the academic writer finishes writing your paper then we email it to you. Our professional writers have a trained eye to check the timelines on the order form to make sure that they complete the assignment paper on time and the client has time to go through it and request further assistance if need be.

After the writer is finished with writing, our editorial team will help you with proofreading to make sure everything is in place before the final copy is sent to you. As soon as everything is confirmed we will contact you via email and phone to notify you about the completion of your project. Our assignment help service always ensures to deliver non-plagiarized, error-free, and timely results.

  • Revision

Our assignment help service always ensures that the assignment is perfectly done. However, if you are not satisfied our support team is a call away and will attend to your queries within a fast turnaround time. Just go to your order page and hit request for a revision and we will be with you within a short time. We ensure we walk with you to the successful conclusion of your assignment.

Once you communicate your dissatisfaction we will swiftly make the necessary changes and our writers will make sure they are done within the shortest time possible. This is the area not many assignment help platforms readily take upon.

Get to know our team

Wondering who’s working behind the scenes of our professional essay writing service? We have over 500 amazing people on our team including developers, QA engineers, designers, managers, HR specialists, marketers, essay writers, professional editors, and many more. See who takes care of the orders you place.

  • Super writers

There are 500+ essay writers from all over the world on our team who go through a 3-step hiring process. We call them super-writers because most of them have master’s degrees; therefore, they know the ins and outs of the discipline in which they specialize.

  • WOW-support

Our extra-fast and caring support assistants answer your questions 24/7 and resolve any of your troubles. Whenever you live-chat our online agents, you will receive a reply within minutes no matter what time of the day or night it is.

  • Experienced mentors

Editors with vast experience always make sure your paper quality is outstanding. No nasty grammar or style mistake can hide from their attentive eyes. Our senior experts also mentor writers to maintain the highest level of quality even with the shortest essays and short deadlines.

Professional essay writers will make your paper impressive

Essay Dodo is your best choice when it comes to expert help with your papers. We always have professional essay writers for hire available to compose an amazing piece based on your demands. 80+ disciplines, any academic level, and any complexity—this is just the starting point of what we have to offer.

To satisfy even the pickiest students, we give you three categories of pro essay writers. All of them are highly qualified in their disciplines and willing to help with your paper:

  • Best available writers

They are the perfect choice if you want to buy an excellent paper online and save money at the same time. They don’t charge an extra fee for their services and can provide high-quality essays on plenty of topics.

  • Advanced experts

They are your go-to if you require a more experienced specialist to take a look at your tricky homework. They have been completing academic papers for years and can offer great solutions for your complex dissertation or confusing essay for an extra 25% of your order price.

  • Top-10

Writers in this category are just the cream of the crop. They are the specialists who’ve received only the best ratings from our previous clients. Hire a Top-10 writer for an extra 40% of your order price and get an outstanding essay that will hit the target.

  • Native speakers

Moreover, for those eager to improve their English, we also have Native speakers on our team. You can always hire the best available or advanced native-speaking expert for an extra 30% of your order price.

Why Do Students Need Top Assignment Help Services?

There can be many reasons for a student to look for assignment help service but we have mentioned some of the common reasons that almost every student face.

  • Got stuck in complicated topics

Most of the time, the students get stuck in complex topics. Therefore they look for assignment help services from professional assignment writers. They also search for a professional assignment writer who can help them understand the complex topics and finish their assignments on time. Computer science and statistics are examples of such complicated assignments.

  • Facing problems in choosing topics

Many times the professors ask the students to choose a topic of their own. Therefore lots of students get into trouble selecting the best topic for their assignment. In this case, they look for an assignment help service provider who can help them choose the best topic for their assignment and get good grades.

  • Need help in collecting data

A large number of students struggled in collecting data for their assignments. A high-quality assignment contains the authenticity of data and information. But only a few students know the best ways and places to collect the relevant data for their assignments. Therefore, the rest of the students depend on the assignment writing help to collect the relevant data for their assignment.

  • Need help with structuring assignments

There are lots of structures for the assignment as per the guidelines of the colleges or universities. Therefore the students get into a hassle to select the appropriate format for their assignment. In this case, they can request our assignment help services and our experts will select the appropriate format for their assignments.

  • To prepare the reference list.

Reference lists play a key role in almost every assignment. Therefore the students should understand the proper use of a reference list. But if the students can’t compose the reference list in the right order, then they are not likely to achieve their dream grades. For this reason, they should look for the best assignment help service that has experts who can guide them on how to prepare a well-formatted reference list.

Unique Features of Our Assignment Help Service

Our professional essay helpers follow the correct guidelines, structure, and instructions to write your assignments. The following are some other advantages you enjoy whenever you use our essay help services.

  • Experienced Experts

All the assignment providers are experts here in their respective fields. They all have years of experience in writing assignments. Thus, don’t worry about the quality of your assignment as the work provided by our experts will be of the best quality.

  • Deadline Guarantee

We never fail to deliver your assignment before the deadline. This is one of the reasons that make us the best assignment writing service providers. We always ensure that all assignments are delivered before the deadline. Our experts will provide you with a well-researched assignment on or before your assignment deadline.

  • Plagiarism free assignments

We never compromise on the content quality. Plagiarism is not possible in our assignment. All the assignments provided by us are 100% plagiarism-free. We ensure you always get a 100% original paper as all our papers are written from scratch.

  • Best price

Essay Dodo is available to solve all your essay problems for you at a reasonable price as we understand the situation of students. Students don’t have enough time to focus on their assignments because of other commitments they might have. Many students can’t afford expensive services, that’s why we kept the prices of our services affordable and reasonable.

  • 24/7 Availability

For your help, our experts are available 24/7. You can contact us any time of the day or night and from anywhere in the world if you have any questions regarding your assignment or our services. They will answer all your queries and clear all your doubts as soon as possible.

  • Unlimited Revision

You can contact us anytime if you want to make any changes to your assignment. Our experts will correct your assignment until you are fully satisfied.

  • Guarantee of securing good grades

We also offer assurance that our professionals provide you with the best services so that you can easily score the desired grades in your academics. With the help of our experts, you can always be on top of your class when it comes to performance and grades.

Queries related to “Submission of Assignment Requirements”

What information do I need to submit to get a quote?

When you send us an inquiry, please mention the name of the subject and the complete topic of your assignment. You must describe your assignment in as much detail as possible. Include details such as the type of assignment (essay, report, or term paper), word limit (1 page ~ 275 words), and the deadline for your assignment. Usually, all this information is covered in a handbook or ‘requirement document’ given by your teacher or professor. To avoid any hassle, you can send the same document to us or fill out the order form by pressing the “Order Now” button.  

If your assignment refers to a specific article or resource to be used, make sure to send it to us as well.

How much content will I get per page?  

Unless otherwise mentioned, we will use Times New Roman or Arial font (size 11 or 12) with double spacing and a 1-inch margin on all sides for your assignment. These standards are followed in most colleges and universities worldwide. If we use these conventions, 1 page will comprise roughly 275 words.

If you want us to follow a different standard (such as single-spacing instead of double spacing), the number of words per page will vary. For example, on average, a single-spaced page will consist of approximately 550 or more words. To avoid any confusion, we recommend that you mention the word limit instead of the page limit. We will always deliver a paper that is within 10% of your stated word count.  

I want to submit more than 3 files or files with a size larger than 2 MB but your online form has limits. How can I submit my assignment requirements to you?

Our online form is designed to submit a quick inquiry. We have placed these limits on our online form to reduce the load on our servers so that you have a smoother experience while browsing our website. If you want to send us more or/and bigger files related to your assignment, send us an email.

I sent an assignment inquiry 12 hours ago but I haven’t received a response from you. What can I do?

We usually respond to assignment queries in 1-6 hours. Make sure you check your junk/spam mail folder as well. If you haven’t received a response from us, please contact our live chat service and we will respond to your query on an urgent basis. 

Queries related to “Making Payment”

Can I get a discount on your quote?

We understand the budget constraints faced by students in schools and colleges. If you think that our quote is much higher than your budget, feel free to contact our live chat representative. They may consider your request and give you a discount on our quote.

Can I pay in two or more installments for my assignment?

You have to make full payment before our expert can start working on your assignment. However, in certain circumstances such as for longer dissertations, we may accept payment in installments. Send us an email or contact our live chat representative to know if your assignment is eligible for payment in installments.

I want to go ahead with my assignment order. How do I make a payment?

You can make a payment using your credit/debit card or PayPal account. Visit our “payment page” and follow these steps

  1. Select your preferred currency from the dropdown menu. Allow the page to refresh.
  2. Accept the agreement and click on Pay Now. You will be led to PayPal’s secure payment gateway.
  3. Enter your assignment reference number (in the form of MAExxxxx) in the Description field and our quote in the Item price field. Click on the make payment button.
  4. Make payment using your PayPal account or credit/debit card to confirm your assignment. You will receive a confirmation email from PayPal upon successful payment.

Is my transaction safe and confidential?  

All our transactions happen over PayPal’s secure payment gateway, a trusted online payment solution. We do not get access to your credit card details at any stage. So your transaction is safe. Furthermore, your transaction will appear as PAYPAL MAE in your account statement. So it guarantees complete privacy if you are using a family member’s credit card. 

Queries related to “Receiving Assignment”

I want to prepone the delivery date for my assignment. Is it possible?

If it is your first time ordering an assignment from us, we can understand that you are anxious and want to have a look at your assignment as soon as possible. However, we will request you to be patient and allow our writer enough time to complete your assignment satisfactorily. If you have to prepone the delivery date, please send us an email or contact our live chat representative by stating the reason for your request. We will try to accommodate your request, if possible. But keep in mind that it is not always possible to consider your request and we reserve the right to accept or decline your request regarding advancing the deadline for your assignment.

I received the assignment but I am not satisfied with my paper. How can I ask for changes to my assignment?

Our writer may miss out on some of your instructions and you may not get the paper you wanted. In such cases, you can mention the specific changes you want to be made in an email to us. Do not send vague statements such as “I want the flow of the essay to be better” as they are not helpful to the writer. If the changes are within the scope of your initial requirements, we will make these changes FREE of cost within the shortest time possible. However, if the changes are outside the scope of initial requirements, we may require you to pay an additional fee.

Please read our “Revision Policy” to know more about our Rework policy.  

What will happen if my writer had an emergency and could not complete my paper in time?

We agree that such a situation can arise and may result in a delay in delivering your paper. Please understand that such situations are completely out of our control. However, we will be completely honest and keep you informed about any such development. We will also find another expert to do your assignment on an urgent basis. To avoid such a situation, we request you to give us a slightly flexible deadline when placing an order for your assignment. 

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