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Unit 7 Assignment: Informative Speech Presentation

Attached Files:


 COM107 Unit 7 Assignment


COM107 Unit 7 Assignment – Alternative Formats

 (161.445 KB)

In Unit 7 you will deliver your informative speech.

Refer to the attached document for complete details and grading rubric.

The intent/focus of your speech should be to inform the audience on a topic of your choosing.  Your presentation must be supported by a minimum of three credible sources – this excludes personal experience. 

 You may record the speech using your cell phone or webcam.  You will then upload your video to Youtube, ensuring you select the “unlisted” option.  This will keep your video private and allow access only to those who have the video link.  You will then post the video link in the unit 7 informative speech assignment link.

The length of the speech should be 3-5 minutes and include:

1. A clear visual aid, such as a prop, photo, chart, or incorporating a PowerPoint with your video

2. An attention getter, to draw the audience in (a personal story, statistic, question or fact)

3. A thesis (what would you like the audience to know from your speech?)

4. A preview of 3 main points (introduce what you are going to talk about briefly)

5. In speech citations of supporting materials (Say them out loud during your speech, such as “According to *source*)

6. A summary of 3 main points in the conclusion

7. A memorable ending

8. A works cited page listing your three resources

Unit 7: Point of View Literary Response Submission Link

Attached Files:


 ENG 130Point of ViewLiterary Response


ENG 130Point of ViewLiterary Response – Alternative Formats

 (190.472 KB)

In this literary response, you will choose any of the literature that you have read in this course and choose write an alternate scene from a different point of view or perspective.

This assignment focuses on your ability to: Analyze different perspectives and points of view within a piece of literature; create a new experience for the reader through the design of an additional scene.

The purpose of completing this assignment is: as a student, a career professional, and an individual, the skill of evaluating another point of view and bringing different perspectives to the conversation will make you stand out amongst your peers. It’s important in any facet of your life to see the whole picture!

Please be sure to read the assignment page and rubric for complete criteria and requirements. 


Unit 7 DB: Media Literacy in Everyday Life

Unit 7 DB: Media Literacy in Everyday Life

Media literacy is an important 21st-century skill. For this discussion board:

· In response to your peers, discuss ways you can be more literate about your media consumption and experiences. (Please respond to at least two classmates’ posts.)


Media Literacy is defined in a broad term that includes mass media, and social media. It’s important to have as a skill in the 21st century. Our era today is the most media-saturated and media engagement. Everything we do is tied to media. The impact of media on my personal, professional, and social life is I get assignments done faster, professionally more options to look at with media, and socially I meet more women online. It varies if it becomes a burden or blessing. because of the unnecessary garbage that pops up on the media. It is also a burden when your child ignores you, and stays stuck on their phone. Technology is a great blessing if used correctly.


Hello, Class

Media literary is anything like television, video games, internet and music. The impact it has on my life is ok to me it has been a faster way to communicate with other exspecially family member and friends that don’t live close to me. Media is a blessing I can say and sometimes it can be a burden if people don’t use it right.

Unit 7 DB: The view points inward

Unit 7 DB: The view points inward

Responses: In your responses, share how easy or difficult you found answering the interview question. What did you learn from answering the question that you can share with the class and your instructor?

Remember to consider the following  

Discussion Board Rubric.


Discussion Board Rubric. – Alternative Formats


The way other’s would decribe me, on the positive side i think people would say that im a very reserved, private, and humble young woman. they would also say that im kind, a fast learner. i chose reserved because that what I am. Most people when they first meet me think that I am shy and quietbut im not shy at all, im not a people person. Im very privated and guarded because I don’t trust anyone. i would say people would describe me as humble because when I make mistakes no matter the size i aknowledge them, I would saay that I am value the cost of things. I am also open to otheirs viewponts/opinions. I believe they would say kind because no matter how bad my day is i alway try to be nice to everyone that comes around me. id say a fast learner because I pick up on how to do something may after my 3rd try.

the negative ways people would describe is sying that I need to work on my communication, that i need to workon listening to authority, my anger and to work on staying focused. I would agree with that because im not good with talk. i just hate when people tell me what to do, but I know its not good but it’s true i need to work on me listening to authority if I want my dream career. my anger only shows mainly when i get streesed out and end up having an anxiety attack. when I know im getting stressed I try not to be around anybody. also lastly I know that i have trouble focusing. i have adhd, so sometime in the middle of something my mind will go to somewhere’s something ive been trying to get undercontrol.


      Thomas Huxley once said ” Try to learn something about everything and everything about something”. With that said, what motivates me is learning new things. The more I learn, the more I can lead and help people. That is the reason why I am furthering my education by going to college. Everyday there is something new to be learned.  When I was in tech school at Fort Sam Houston for the Air Force, I heard that they had a class each Sunday on Islam. I attended the class every Sunday in order to learn more as to why we are always in conflict with the Middle East. I knew that learning from their religion would be beneficial to me because now I would have an understanding of the way Muslims view the world. I learned so many things that I did know about Islam. I also acknowledged, that I had misconceptions about the Muslim community. 

            The answer to what motivates me was easy for me to find. Like I stated above, I always seek more knowledge. At my current employment, I am constantly looking for ways to grow. Same in the military. When I finish my bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, I plan to cross train in the Air Force from medical technician to legal. I learned that I am really passionate about expanding my knowledge and sharing it with people. Hopefully, having this growth mindset will help me achieve my future goals. 

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