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Breast Cancer in the Developmental Stage

Yusleiby Castillo

Florida National University

Professor Alexander Salas

Course: Health Promotion & Role Development in Adv. Nursing Practice

November 16, 2022

Breast Cancer in the Developmental Stage

Scientifically, as the name suggests, breast cancer is more common in women than men. However, this thus not exclude men from the statistics as close to every 100 reported breast cancer cases, at least one is a man. This thus ascertains that breast cancer cuts across all genders and are thus a significant health concern. Breast cancer is also common in women in their later years from 50 years; this, however thus not exclude youngsters. From a medical perspective, cancer is best described as an uncontrolled growth of body cells, in most cases where they are not supposed or expected to be, which brings down to the definition of breast cancer being the uncontrolled growth of cells in the breasts (Britt et al., 2020). Despite being medical methods f controlling and doing away with the health problem, it is always better to live on the safe side. This is why I would support the spread of breast cancer awareness by ensuring people learn ways to keep it off other than having to deal with it.

As earlier mentioned, breast cancer is more prone to women in their late years, thus making the victims vulnerable. At that age, the immune system loosens, exposing them to infections and diseases. To understand the primary risk factors, they need to be broken down from the lethal ones to the least concerned. To begin with, the familiar and solid factors of breast cancer are gender and age. To break it down, you are more likely to contract cancer if you are a woman than men; second is that you are also at more significant risk if you are older.

To break it down further, breast cancer infection can also be associated with genetics, and it is still unclear how this factor did not count on the first list since there is close to nothing one can do to avoid genetic-related infections unless suing parents was an option. Compared to aging and gender, they are things beyond our control. As statistics indicate, close to 705 of all infected patients must have had at least two of the abovementioned factors. On the other side, they are still cases of infection where victims did not check all the mentioned boxes; they were either male, young, or had no genes attached.

One of the obvious reasons and factors that could make one contract or be diagnosed with breast cancer in the developmental stage is if they were previously diagnosed with the same. It is actual science is a lifesaver, and the current medical system entirely depends on it, thus blocking creativity if there are any new ways of treatment; the fact remains that one can never be sure that the cancer cells are entirely destroyed once in a while reappearing is common (Fahed, 2019). The last one on the list that gives hope as it is possible and under human control is body weight, several diseases are brought about by body weight, which is explained by the extra weight leading to an alteration in the body’s mechanism and metabolism. The good news is that at least it can be controlled.

Literature Review

Breast cancer has hit the headlines for quite some time, and for that reason, it has driven many scholars to dig down into it and uncover what is not mentioned, this has resulted. The research has played a significant role in preventing, treating, and handling patience. From their physical health to their mental health, the shock and trauma, down to their spiritual well-being, as religious people are stuck in a state of disbelief in their faith (Waks et al., 2019). The list cannot be completed without the mention of the financial constraints that the victims and patients go through. With the rise in technology and the internet, the following addresses modern solutions implemented to curb and contain breast cancer and thus reduce future cases.

According to Keeping Yu, the blame for the casualties of breast cancer should be put on the lack of the proper technological infrastructure, especially in remote parts of the globe. The e-health program was launched to curb that, but it still did not meet the expectations as the new problem became a lack of internet access to facilitate the technology (Yu et al., 2019). The second problem is that such doctors dealing with breast cancer are always busy; thus, working online as per the e-health program would not work as conveniently. Thus, the article applies deep machine learning and 5G network speed to facilitate the transfer of information and, most importantly, programs to auto-generate diagnosis through shared breast pathology images.

On the other side, according to San Ullah Khan, breast cancer, unlike most other types of diseases, dos not excluded based on location. Breast cancer attacks women from both developed and underdeveloped countries. This means that as some enjoy advanced technology, others are exposed with no hope. His solution to the problem is thus to develop a deep learning framework that can be used in the early classification, diagnosis, and detection of cancer cells (Khan et al., 2019). This would thus give the women more time to respond accordingly; the window can be the leap of hope for treatment.

In critiquing the above articles, it is by far transparent how dependent the world is on science; one of the top-ranking solutions to curb breast cancer is related to computer science. To begin with, Keeping Yu’s article, it is a genius idea to use e-health to reach remote areas that doctors cannot physically reach. On the dark side is that remote places have trouble connecting to the internet; installing a 5G network would take a long time and thus cannot cover the whole of the remote places around the globe. In San’s theory, it is wise to take advantage of computer intelligence by creating programs that can read and analyze data. However, it is difficult and requires a lot of effort to train the algorithms to accurately detect cancer cells and offer diagnosis without human supervision; this would put lives at risk before the program becomes capable and efficient.

Talking from neutral ground, breast cancer affects a considerable number of women in the world. Most of these are underdeveloped countries, and the best way to stay out of the victim statistics, I recommends using natural prevention ways that are scientifically proven. This involves eating healthy, exercising, and, most importantly, watching your weight. It would be easy to control those who already have cancer if we reduce the rate at which people are contracting it.


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