Foundations Assignment

please help I’m so confused about this assignment and I just started class thank you. 

child development

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Foundations Assignment
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CDEV 108 Foundations Assignment
50 points

For this assignment, you may work alone or with one classmate. Using the California
Preschool Learning Foundations, students will complete an assignment which focuses on
practical application of The Foundations.

What are the Foundations? “The California Preschool Learning Foundations outline key
knowledge and skills that most children can achieve when provided with the kinds of
interactions, instruction, and environments that research has shown to promote early
learning and development. The foundations can provide early childhood educators,
parents, and the public with a clear understanding of the wide range of knowledge and
skills that preschool children typically attain when given the benefits of a high-quality
preschool program. “

Description taken from the CA Dept. of Ed. website on August 25, 2015 from:

Focus of each volume: Each of the volumes focuses on a different domain or area of

Where to find The Foundations: Access to The Foundations can be found online at You can google the wording
California Preschool Learning Foundations to also get this information. Hardcopies will be
on reserve in The Teacher Resource Room (ArtB 313) during their hours of operation.

Assignment Directions: Students will locate (or design) a toy for a 4-5 year old
preschooler that will help them develop age appropriate developmental skills (language,
cognitive, physical, and/or social/emotional).

You may receive up to 10 extra credit points if you make the toy. (5 points each if you
have a partner). If you make the toy, please bring it to class when the assignment is due.

Make a handout that includes the following information:

A. Take a picture of your toy (or provide a photo from the Internet or magazine) and

include this picture in your handout. NO computer/screen type of toys or

Volume 1:
Social-Emotional Development
Language and Literacy
English-Language Development

Volume 2:
Visual and Performing Arts
Physical Development

Volume 3:
History-Social Science


commercialized toys (ie: Barbie, Mickey Mouse, etc.) will be accepted. Your activity

can be one that is explored indoors or outdoors.

B. State the toy’s name.

C. State the age for which you will focus on for this assignment. Your answer will

determine which column (in the books) you will use for this assignment.

D. Directions: State possible ways that a child might use or explore the toy.

E. Explain how this toy is developmentally appropriate for preschoolers. It should be

visually appealing, non-toxic, non-breakable, neutral, re-useable, non-biased

material. The toy should meet a child’s needs and purposes, consider their social

and cultural background, etc. Children should be able to manipulate or explore


materials with their hands (not just look at them).

F. Which Preschool Learning Foundation(s) most closely match your toy?

In what area(s) of development (domains) will it help develop and how? Be sure to

include a minimum of four (4) foundations from at least three (3) domains (don’t

just list all physical development areas) and explain how the terms tie to your toy.

Define each foundation. (Refer to example on next page). Be sure to underline the

domains and bold the foundations. Add the volume and page number for each

foundation too.

 Physical Development (gross motor skills such as using legs/arms or fine

motor skills such as using fingers)

 Cognitive Development (includes memory skills, strategic and critical

thinking skills, science, and attention span. It includes math skills such as

counting, adding/subtracting, sorting, and matching. It also includes

Language skills such as speaking, writing, reading, and listening.)

 Social Development (taking turns, etc.)

 Emotional Development (self-esteem, self-confidence, feelings, etc.)


*Please include a title page which states the assignment title, your name, class, date, and

instructor. Be sure to write using complete/full sentences and use the word “children”

rather than “kids” (which is a slang term). A self-evaluation (on page 6) is also required for

this assignment.

*If you have a partner, only one (1) copy of the assignment is needed. I do not need a copy

from each partner.

*Have fun and be prepared to possibly share and discuss your toy with the class

FYI: California Preschool Curriculum Frameworks – They are companion volumes to the

California Preschool Learning Foundations. The frameworks provide strategies (how to work with

the foundations) for early childhood educators that enrich learning and development opportunities

for all California preschool children.



B. Ramps & Pathways (and Wooden Blocks)

C. Preschool children ages 60 months (5 years)

D. Directions:

Children will manipulate the ramps and blocks so the marbles will roll down

the ramps. While exploring this physical science activity, they will

investigate different ideas and actions, invent ways to build, and solve

problems when they encounter obstacles.

E. Developmental Appropriateness:
This is a developmentally appropriate activity for preschoolers because
children at this age are interested in cause and effect relationships. They like
to explore and manipulate materials and make things happen. This activity

allows for children to have a hands-on experience of moving and
manipulating the materials and seeing a cause and effect
relationship between their actions and the actions of the marbles.

F. Learning Foundations:

Domain: Language/Literacy Development -Vol 1, pg.56

a. Listening and Speaking- Children extend their understanding

and usage of language to communicate with others effectively.

1.1- Use language to communicate with others in both familiar and

unfamiliar social situations for a variety of basic and advanced purposed,

including reasoning, predicting, problem solving, and seeking new


Bold the


Include the


number (ie:

2.1) and


from the








List the volume and page

number of where you found

your information.


i. Children may express themselves by using words to communicate
about the activity, ask questions, and problem solve.

Domain: Cognitive Development – Vol. 3, page 65

b. Science Inquiry: Observation and Investigation
1.5- Demonstrates an increased ability to make predictions and check them
(e.g., may make more complex predictions, offer ways to test predictions, and
discuss why predictions were correct or incorrect).

i. When playing with the ramps/block set, they will use observation
skills as they analyze and predict how different strategies affect
whether or not the various items (ie: marbles, spools, etc.) will
successfully roll down the ramps.

Domain: Physical Development – Vol. 2, page 50

c. Fine Motor/Manipulative Skills
3.2- Show increasing fine motor manipulative skills using hands and arms
such as in-hand manipulation, writing, cutting, and dressing.

i. Children will hold and manipulate the small marbles and other

(in their hands and fingers. They will make slight adjustments in the
ramps, repositioning them to ensure the marble will roll down.

Domain: Social/Emotional Development Vol. 1. Page 12

d. Interactions with Peers
2.1- More actively and intentionally cooperate with each other.

i. Because there are several ramps, blocks, and marbles to use,

children may engage with their peers as they play with the toy.

They will work together to achieve the shared goal of building a

ramp structure.

Explain how the foundation applies to the toy.


Name__________________________________________________ Name of Toy_____________________________

Your partner’s name (if applicable)_____________________________________________

I. Handout – 27 points

A. Picture of Toy ______/ 2 points

B. Name of Toy ______/ 1 point

C. Age for Toy ______/ 1 point

D. Directions ______/ 2 points

E. Developmental appropriateness (explanation) ______/ 2 points

F. Foundations

1. Lists volume and page number ______/ 4 points

2. Includes at least three (3)domains ______/ 3 points

(cognitive/language, social, emotional, physical, etc.)

3. Explains how the foundations applies to the toy. _______/12 points

States how it will enhance a variety (4+) of abilities. (4 foundations)

II. Structure of assignment -10 points

A. Well edited (no spelling or grammar errors; writes in complete sentences)
Editing is worth 10% (5 points) of grade _____/ 5 points

B. Contains a cover or title page. _____ / 1 point
C. Underlines domains & bolds Foundations _____ / 2 points

D. Layout (margins, font, typed, double spaced, etc.) _____ / 2 points

III. Toy -9 points

A. Toy is D.A.P. for a preschool aged child (4-5 years old). ______/ 2 points

B. Toy is creative, re-usable, non-biased, visually pleasing,

and not computer or commercially based. ______/ 5 points

C. Craftsmanship: non-breakable/durable and safe ______/ 2 point

IV. Self Evaluation – 4 points ______/ 4 points

A. Writes in complete sentences.

B. Provides detailed explanations.

IV. Bonus Points (if you made your own toy) up to 10 points ______/10points
*It is possible to receive 60/50 on this assignment with the bonus points
(5 points each if you have a partner)
TOTAL POINTS ______/50 points

Preschool Toy/ Learning Foundations Grading Rubric




What do you think was the purpose of this assignment?

What did you learn through participating in this assignment?

What was the most valuable achievement(s) through doing this assignment?

What was your greatest strength(s) you brought to this assignment? (Was there anything that
made the assignment easy to complete? i.e.: you have worked with the Foundations before, you have 4 years
of experience as a preschool teacher, etc.)

What was your greatest challenge to complete this assignment?

How could this assignment be designed to better support your learning? What, if anything
would you change about the assignment? Your honest feedback is appreciated.

Based on the Rubric, how would you grade your work?

I feel that I earned ____________points on this assignment because….



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