Communication in Organizations

Denville Pre-school is a private organization that has co-ownership; but because it is a small business, it has few members of staff. The school has a population of three hundred students and 30 teachers. The rest of the staff members include the receptionist, secretary, school accountant, storekeeper, nurse, two security officers, manager, and two directors- a total of forty. Working with a pre-school is significant for the fact that it is the foundation of education. Children begin to learn social skills at this level. Therefore, having a productive team is critical in ensuring that children can grasp early education. It is also essential that the team in charge of the children work together to identify the children’s strengths and weaknesses. A dysfunctional team will provide a weak basis for the children and other problems, which means the communication in teamwork in an essential aspect in such a setting. The objective of this study is to identify factors associated with communication in organizational teams to improve group productivity of Danville Pre-School.

Conflicts in the Workplace

Looking at the group functions in Denville, it is evident that internal battle is one of the reasons that teamwork is lagging. When the staff gets into conflict with one another, there are platforms for communicating with each and providing solutions for conflict (Ramdhani, Ramdhani, & Ainissyifa, 2017). The management operates by letting the staff handle individual disputes on their own. As a result, the teams are not on the same page due to differences, which hinders their performance as well. In the analysis of a collection of written down task-oriented dialog, it reveals that effective teams in the school did not have many conflicts. These results reflect on the organization understanding of the significance of team communication and shed light on ways in which workable teams can overcome communication barriers.

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Communication in Organizations
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When it comes to sociology, roles are essential guides for behavior because they define an individual’s expected behavior and set parameters for what is acceptable on a social level (Ramdhani et al., 2017). In the organization, team members have assumed a role in their lives. For example, there are teachers, directors, front office staff and such. Each character meets a set of expectations in the school environment. Due to the importance of roles, role conflicts are complex as well as challenging. Take, for instance, teachers have a social position to teach and protect the children within the school premise. However, in most cases, there are less dramatic roles regularly.

In general, role conflicts tend to arouse frustration due to the friction, but the effects are different according to individuals. Some people can take up different roles and avoid friction when functions overlap. On the other hand, others find these conflicts extraordinarily stressful and cannot take up multiple responsibilities without causing tension. Therefore, the ability to deal with different tasks and negotiating roles with other members is an essential skill. Role conflicts hurt group dynamics because the team members are usually dependent on one another. When that is not possible, teamwork becomes a daunting task.


The present-day society puts so much emphasis on personal achievement, which equates to non-productivity. However, that is not the only factor that promotes input in the workplace. Organizational leaders have ignored the significance of communication in teamwork. As a result, the management sees no need for collaboration as an essential tool of performance, leading to poor performance and little productivity. Communication is critical because it opens up channels for listening, talking, and exchanging ideas among others. The way individuals communicate in the workplace reveal essential information about the effectiveness of the team. It is critical that groups operating in performance setting such as schools have open communication channels (Ramdhani et al., 2017). Presently it is unclear how different factors such as coordination strategy, time pressure, and speaker role influence communication in groups. In the bid to recommend how to improve productivity, the study identified various issues in Denville.

In Denville, communication is challenging because the staff members are struggling with role conflict. They lack effective means of communicating to let each other be aware of the fact that it is essential to solving a particular misunderstanding (O’Neill & Salas, 2018). As a result, most problems go unsolved, creating more significant gaps in communication. To increase productivity, there is a need to open up communication channels that will promote resolution in role conflict.

Lack of cohesiveness in Diverse Groups

Denville group teams have diverse members with different social traits. As a result, this can impact the way a group functions. In the sides, the relationships reflect the way members think of each other. They lack training that helps organizations to realize that there is strength in different individual characteristics (O’Neill & Salas, 2018). The members seem to be rigid when it comes to accepting the diversity in skills and thoughts. While this can bring conflict, it is critical to understand that differences should not necessarily invite conflict. It is crucial to understand that group dynamics in an organization are important to teams in Denville.

  The groups should work together to achieve the goals for the organization. Therefore, it is best to engage in self-evaluation and gap analysis in a leadership profile to add a unique dimension (Hanaysha & Tahir, 2016). Equally, it is significant to note that team communication is not possible if there is no cohesion.  When communicating, it becomes possible to determine the strength of team members and give them tasks according to their abilities. The delegation of functions through assigning specific tasks based on strengths is workable in terms of accomplishing goals. Therefore, clarity about duties and responsibilities will boost accountability.

Excessive Intergroup Conflict

Due to the diversity of the teams, lack of communication, role conflict, and lack of cohesion in teams, Denville has excessive group conflicts. The above-mentioned aspects are the leading causes of organizational group intergroup conflict. As a result, this makes it hard for the members to be productive as per the expectations of the school. The disputes include task division and brainstorming among others. There needs to be an understanding that intergroup conflicts are unhealthy if they go unsolved. Therefore, it is best that as soon as intergroup conflicts arise, organizational leaders step to find a solution that will bring the groups together. 


The best approach to deal with the above problems in Denville is to streamline communication channels (Hanaysha & Tahir, 2016). Most of the issues in the school staff teams stem from a lack of effective communication between individuals, team groups, and leaders. As a management tool, communication helps to create good interpersonal relationships and provide a non-confrontational environment when teams are working. To improve the effectiveness of the team members, it is vital to mobilize employees together through training to exploit the workforce in terms of productivity (Yi, 2016). Training sessions help to create awareness about the importance of communication. Effective communication helps to promote successful implementation of organizational tasks. 

According to research on teamwork, communication management is a form of interpersonal leadership and a tool that managers can use to forecast, train, organize, coordinate, control, and evaluate work (Yi, 2016). Training is helpful for both managers and team members. Through training, this can assist the directors of Denville in arranging tasks comprehensively and efficiently, create open communication channels, and have a good plan in making decisions. Training is also useful in providing solutions for role conflicts and solving diversity issues in teams.

To sum it up, communication is the most effective tool in any organizational setup. When people are working in groups, there can be instances where there is a clash of personalities, ideas, and work ethics among others. However, having a communication platform where there is an exchange of ideas and such, this will help solve conflicts in the workplace. To achieve effective communication, there need to be training programs that will create an understanding of the significance of teamwork and organizational disputes in the workplace. Therefore, the primary priority for Denville is communication to achieve the school’s objectives. Only effective communication can enable the successful completion of these requirements, which are necessary for conducting tool organization. According to some authors, communication management is a form of interpersonal leadership, a tool with which a manager may exercise specific powers: such as forecasting, training, organization, Coordination, control, and evaluation. According to these boundaries of communication management, the manager can arrange tasks more efficiently, he can communicate more easily with employees, have a starting point in making decisions, and have a well-developed plan


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