TOPIC: Media Elements and Presentation Aids

Assessment Description

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Create all media elements and presentation aids you will use for the training session you are creating in this course.

  1. Create a presentation made with PowerPoint or another presentation software tool. The presentation should include 5-10 slides.
  2. Include at least three pieces of media such as images, videos, graphics, or interactive media elements that support the instruction or assessments in your session. These may be embedded in the PowerPoint or added as separate resources.
  3. Follow sound technology, presentation aid, and media use in training principles in the development of these items.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide.

You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. 


Antonio Tolson

Since no single method is capable of doing everything well, most training programs contain learning objectives for knowledge, skill, and attitudes. To achieve these objectives, these programs must integrate multiple approaches. The lecture works best for developing a broad understanding of a subject. The lecture format is flexible and can be made more or less formal and/or interactive. Communication during a pure lecture is one-way, from trainer to trainee. There is a lot of information presented orally. The discussion technique increases learning chances by utilizing two-way dialogue between the lecturer and the trainees. With this approach, the trainees are given a brief lecture (20 minutes or less) that covers the essentials. The information delivered in the brief lecture is then supported, reinforced, and expanded upon in a conversation among the trainees and between the trainees and the trainer. The methods, occasions, and conditions of the trainee’s job are mimicked in simulations. Simulations come in a variety of forms, including business simulations, in-basket exercises, case studies, role acting, and behavior modeling. Although the discussion method is more effective, both lectures and discussions are helpful for shaping or changing attitudes. The presentation, and particularly the discussion, alters employee attitudes by offering fresh perceptions, information, and comprehension. There shouldn’t be too many learning points in a successful lecture. The more knowledge given, the more likely it is that the trainees will forget it. Pure lectures simply offer information, which limits their utility; when the main goal of training is for trainees to learn specific factual knowledge, improved learning can be accomplished at a lower cost by turning the material into text. This enables students to study the content whenever they want and as often as need to remember it. The credibility that may be linked to the speaker or the concentration and attention provided by the trainer’s presentation skills is the sole additional value offered by the lecture. The fact that the lecture is interactive and that students can ask questions or request that the speaker adjust the presentation’s pacing as needed is another significant advantage.

Rata, B., Rata, G., & Alexe, I. D. (2009). Lecture and assessment–two effective methods in the professional training. Ovidius University Annals, Series Physical Education and Sport/Science, Movement and Health, 9(2), 399.

Jennifer Gelert

Good morning, Professor Terry, and class,

When choosing what method to use for face-face training, a good idea would be to consider the context that it is being taught. Some methods work better in small group settings. These methods could include simulations, a lecturette, or role playing. Having a simulation helps the participant recreate a process or an event that is usually complex. This allows the group to experience and manipulate the situation without risk, and then be able to analyze what happened. This method works because you can integrate and apply a complicated set of skills. To observe the participants’ natural tendencies and offer feedback. This method will also provide a realistic experience that can happen on the job. Another good choice is the lecturette. This method allows information to be conveyed when interaction or discussion is not a possibility for assorted reasons. The use of this method allows the trainer to deliver information quickly withing a short timeframe. It is good when wanting to communicate the same information to large numbers of people (Lawson, 2015). The trainer can also use this method to provide information to a group that has no knowledge of the subject. Role playing is another method. It does come with a set of challenges. Some people are hesitant in doing role plays because they have heard horror stories about them. You really need to plan this step out well. It can end up being the horror story everyone has heard. The benefits make it worth the risk. It allows a participant to practice a newly learned skill. To understand firsthand what a particular situation feels like. It is also a great tool to provide feedback to participants about their actions.

There are pros and cons to the lecture method. This is the usual method of training when speaking to a large group. However, the participants are taking a passive role in the training (Future Learn, n.d.). Participants are forced to learn at the same pace as everyone else. It is also difficult to teaching skills in a setting like that. For use in a small group, it can be time consuming and requires all individuals to have some prior knowledge of the subject. Even the use of the lecturette can be boring to some people and offers only one-way communication. Lawson (2015) suggests that if you do use the lecture method, there are certain circumstances that it will be effective. Time constraints and having to provide background information is a situation where a lecturette is the better choice. However, do not exceed more than ten minutes on the subject.

Future Learn (n.d.). 
Face to face training methods. University of East Anglia.

Lawson, K. (2015). 
The trainers handbook (4th ed.). Wiley ISBN-13: 9781118933138

Dorothea Terry

Hello Antonio

Thank you for your post. As you commented lecture is a method that is suitable for in-person session; however, because it is a one-way method of communication it should be blended with other instructional strategies that engage and involve the audience into more of a two-way conversation. I like that you included it’s important for the lecture portion to be no more than 20 minutes or less before interjecting some activity that involves the audience. Case studies and simulations are also effective and suitable to in-person training. They provide opportunities for the audience to use and apply critical thinking and deductive reasoning in the solving of business scenarios or problems. This gets them working in small groups to share knowledge past experiences. Incorporating technology is another suitable element to include to engage and involve groups. This could be videos or any other visual element that helps student with the concepts being discussed.

How effective have you seen this instructional model used in your course of study here at GCU?

Antonio Tolson

Aug 30, 2022, 7:22 AM

Avoiding put-downs, connecting solutions, listening for data, and summarizing thoughts are the major hurdles you’ll encounter in group conversations. Successful group talks will result from being able to overcome these difficulties. It’s crucial to refrain from insults. Your group may occasionally communicate negatively or misunderstand one another. Encourage your group to consider how they might strengthen their communication skills in order to handle challenges. Encourage the members of your group to consider their language if they are speaking adversely. Your group will be able to communicate more politely and effectively by rephrasing critical statements. There are some things you might be able to do if you have time to prepare in advance to make the participants more comfortable and facilitate discussion. If you have the luxury of choosing your location, you can choose a relaxed, informal setting. Typically, this refers to mobile, comfortable furniture (so that, for instance, the group can form a circle, allowing everyone to see and hear everyone else easily). It might also refer to a place that is unusual. The objective of many group conversations is simply to exchange ideas and perspectives. In the end, a productive group discussion is one in which a wide range of suggestions and opinions are heard and taken into account. This enables the organization to achieve its goals, if any, or to provide a foundation for continued conversation or increased interaction and cooperation among its members.

Sabol, C. (1993, October 15). The Book Group Book: A Thoughtful Guide to Forming and Enjoying a Stimulating Book Discussion Group. Library Journal, v118(n17).

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