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Chicago State University Department of Nursing

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NURS-4251-01/ Nursing Care of Populations-Community

Rubric for Grading Capstone Project /Paper- Poster Presentation






% assigned

% earned

Community Assessment


All required information filled in entirety

Creativity with pictures, graphs and tables

Group Participation in Presentation


Total= 50

Group ID __________________

Date _________________


Chicago State University Department of Nursing



1-01/ Nursing Care of Populations-Community

Rubric for Grading Capstone Project /Paper









% allowed

% earned

Theoretical Foundations driving the need for community assessment


Demographics and biostatistical data describing the health status of the selected community

Analysis of data

List of community needs, or problems based on analysis of data

Community nursing diagnoses (at least 3) highlighting needs for community-based interventions


Intervention plan based on stated needs and/or problems of the selected community

Outcome-based nursing interventions (actual or potential) supported by nursing rationale in the nursing literature

Evaluation plan based on stated actual or potential nursing interventions

Summary of the selected community as client and the role of the nurse in promoting health and preventing diseases

References –APA format





Capstone Project Instructions


. Capstone is a group APA paper.

2. Select a city and post in discussion board week # 1 (It works best if you choose a city where you live if you have to take pictures)

3. You should take pictures of your community of possible. Otherwise, use google images but be sure to cite them to avoid plagiarism.
YOUR SAFETY IS OUR PRIORITY. PLEASE BE MINDFUL OF YOUR SORROUNDINGS and COIVD 19. That is why it is best if you choose a city where you live if you prefer to take pictures.

Additional guidance: ADPIE

1. Assess the community A(Assessment)

2. List all the problems

3. Identify the priority 3 Community Diagnoses in the format D(Diagnosis)

4. Choose
one diagnosis for PIE (Planning, Implementing, Evaluations)

5. Write two short term and two long term SMART goal for the
one diagnosis identified.

6. Complete your PIE (you will write plans for your PIE as you will not be implementing it in community).

7. Cite all the pictures if they are from google, and have a reference page with APA style references.


Highland, Indiana Community

Theoretical Foundation

-Ineffective airway clearance related to moderate air quality with

pollutants present in the air AEB shortness of breath, asthma

inhalers needed, quick onset of fatigue secondary to strenuous



-Risk for infection related to insufficient knowledge to avoid

pollutants and understand risk AEB not checking air quality, lack

of preparation when preparing an outing with people with diseases

that are compromised.

-Ineffective Breathing Pattern related to poor air quality

(moderate) secondary health comorbidities such as asthma, COPD,

heart failure, AEB, shortness of breath, immediate fatigue upon

activity start, chest tightness.

-Risk for Infection related to failure to avoid viral pathogens

secondary to exposure to COVID-19 as evidenced by the increased

number of coronavirus cases.

– Risk for decreased Cardiac Tissue Perfusion related to unhealthy

lifestyle choices, such as smoking and poor diet, as evidenced by

Lake County statistics on lifestyle choices.


-The Highland, Indiana community is located in Lake County,

Indiana and is part of Northwest Indiana.

– ArcelorMittal is located in Lake County and emits lead and

benzene into the air and greatly affects Highland.

– After implementation of the interventions, the Community

Health Nurse will follow up to assess the status of the

intervention and


-If there has not been much progress, the Community Health

Nurse will reevaluate and change strategies to make a safer

community for its residents.

-The biggest goal is to lower the toxins released into the


Evaluation Plan of Nursing Interventions

-The Community Health Nurse collaborated with schools, hospitals, and

community groups to teach about the dangers of toxins.

-The Community Health Nurse collaborated with schools, hospitals, and

community groups to educate the community on what can be done to reduce

the incidence of chronic health issues.

-The Community Health Nurse collaborated with local state officials to put

into motion a plan for legislation to remove the companies emitting toxic

substance into the community.

Schalliol, D. (2013, November 27). ArcelorMittal Steel Mill, East Chicago, Indiana. Flickr. Retrieved February 17, 2022, from

Demographics and Biostatistical Data

-The mean income in Highland Indiana was $67, 281 and

7.8% of the population is considered to be in poverty.

-93.6% of the population had graduate from high school and

28.7% had a bachelor’s degree or higher.

-About 7.2% of the residents that are 65 and under have a


-About 6.3% of the residents that are 65 and under do not

have insurance.

Data Analysis and Community Needs

-The highland area is found in Indiana and is a part of Lake County. There is

approximately 23,727 people.

-The Highland population is 82.2% white, 15.4% Latino, and 5% African

American. About 0.7% of the community was Alaska Native and American

Indian. 2.5% of the community is Asian.

–Children of age 5 and under made up 5% of the population. 20.3% of the

population was 18 years old and under. 18.6% of the population was 65 years

old and over.

-Community Hospital Care Network did an assessment on the Lake County

which is where Highland is located. Lake County had a deficit of health

professions as a result of low income. Access to health professions such as

dental care, mental health provider, and medical


-Food insecurity is a community need due to low income. Low income makes

healthy food more inaccessible to this county. 28.7% of Lake County had low

access to a grocery store which increases healthy food access. -Physical activity

of high school students in Lake County was reported to be 25.3%. 30% of the

adult population were considered physically inactive. Physical inactivity

increases health problems such as obesity, hypertension, and diabetes.

-Community nurses should touch on the following factors

such as the human being, environment, health, and nursing


-Jean Watson defines health as comprehensive analyze of

social functioning, environment, mental, and physical.

-Social functioning and environment should be especially be

taken into consideration for the health of the community.

Community Nursing Diagnosis

-Educating the community on the effects of toxins such as lead and

benzene that are released into the air by factories such as

ArcelorMittal steel mill.

-Urging community unity on removal of environmental hazards

present in immediate area.

– Collaborating with state officials on legislation for the permanent

ban of companies that emit toxic pollutants into the air.

– Outcome: Decrease of companies emitting toxic pollutants into

the air so the incidence of chronic health issues decrease

Intervention Plan and Outcomes

Christopher Hearon, Carolina Lara, Andrea Perez, Manar Shatat

Roseland Community Project
NURS. 4251: Nursing Care of Populations Community

Brenda Jepkoech, Tamika Johnson, Rosa Sanchez, Tiowanna Wilder, & Yohanna Ysabel

Theoretical Foundations
● Florence Nightingale’s Environmental Theory,

drove the need for an assessment of the Roseland


● The question is why is Roseland afflicted with

high incidence of violence, disease, and poverty?

● The Environmental Theory’s focus is to alter the

client’s environment to promote health and


Florence Nightingale stated that environmental

factors either helped or hindered a person’s


● Roseland has been stricken by violence, disease,

and poverty.

● The environment in Roseland breeds disease such

as heart disease, diabetes, and obesity due to the

lack of fresh, healthy food and water.

Community Nursing Diagnosis

● Imbalanced nutrition more than body requirements

related to poor dietary habits, AEB high incidence

of heart disease, obesity, cancer and diabetes.

● Risk for contact transmission exposure related to

multiple sexual partners, unprotected sexual

intercourse subsequent to STIs as AEB to outbreak

of syphilis in the Roseland Community.

● Risk for injury related to violence AEB the number

of fatalities, self-harm, suicide and act of violence.


● As a community, Roseland has been labeled unsafe and

unhealthy, but it is a community health nurse’s responsibility to

provide care and advocate for the people of the community.

● The role of the community health nurse is to improve the quality

of life by working to prevent diseases by providing education to

the community about prevalent diseases, providing routine

screenings and wellness visits, by treating disease, and improving

the aggregate health outcome which will yield a greater quality of


Evaluation Plan of Nursing Intervention

● In evaluating Roseland Community, the social and environmental determinants of health that

diminished the quality of health violence, lack of access to nutritional food, and lack of affordable

health insurance.

● On account of increased health competence, the members who reside in this poverty-stricken food

desert can report a reduction in risk factors that can provoke patterns of healthier behaviors.

● In 2021, September 9, through November 4, Chicago Public Health found that there were five

confirmed cases of a syphilis outbreak in the Roseland community.

● The CHN will direct their focus on preventing the progression of Syphilis within the community

by setting up mobile clinical sites for the testing of STIs and passing out protective barriers due to

early screening, testing, and protective barriers, the community has shown a decrease in STIs.


● The community of Roseland is located on the far south side of

Chicago, IL. The population is made up of 96% African Americans,

1% Hispanic/Latino and 1% Caucasian & 1% Asian.

● The median household income is $38,562 with a 26%

unemployment rate.

Analysis of data and Community Needs

● After assessing the data, it is concluded that Roseland has a higher violence incident rate

than the rest of the Chicagoland area.

● The poverty rate is also higher in Roseland and, therefore, a possible contributing factor

to the increased violence rate.

● The residents of Roseland are predominantly of a minority group and low income.

● Without the opportunity of quality education, the youth become a part of their

environment and drop out of school

● Provide education to the youths on gun violence.

● Have a nurse on site to provide health and mental


● Provide education for low cholesterol food.

● Provide information on fresh food pantries in the


Intervention Plan

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