Artificial Intelligence


Contrary to natural intelligence, artificial intelligence is intelligence demonstrated by machine technology. These machines operate mainly by mimicking the human being and natural intelligence. Having been founded in 1956, the Artificial intelligence discipline has experienced a lot of growth as well as setbacks over the years. Technologists and scientists would have a lot to boast about as rewards of artificial intelligence and growth while there are those who would prefer natural intelligence. Artificial intelligence is a human invention with a wide range of benefits and it would help for the benefits to be well known.

Literature Review

Artificial intelligence works to have machines and robots provide services like those that a human being provides. Its impact has been felt in a number of sectors including the education and medical sectors. On Artificial Intelligence and education, Freedle argues that “We are at an exciting juncture in applying Artificial Intelligence to testing activities. But, any intelligent person is surely aware how easily an overreliance on technology for solving educational or social problems can lead to a worsening of such ills.” To him, there are problems that technology cannot solve. He still however goes ahead to bring out the various positive advances of this technological growth. (Freedle, 2014) Provides a good balance in argument on the benefits and balance that Artificial intelligence provides.

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To the technological world, Artificial Intelligence with no doubt provides the human being with an advanced way of doing things just by controlling a machine. Most technological advances lead to no more need for human effort and assistance, leading to loss of jobs as machines seem to take over. According to (Greenberger, 2008) Artificial Intelligence is still growing and with potential to advance further and provide many opportunities for the people, more than it already has. With Artificial Intelligence comes the need to have persons control the various ways to make it work; like the robots and other machines. A lot of learning advancement by the technology also requires human effort. Greenberger provides good evidence of how this technological advancement serves to not take away human input but how it works to welcome it. 

The normal human being lives, works and dies from being exhausted and there are at times illnesses associated with overworking and being exhausted. Most if not all things on earth have both positive and negative impact. There are also a lot of myths that come up and are associated with technology. Artificial Intelligence has its impacts and there are a number of myths that have been brought out concerning the technology. Discussing some of these myths helps to have them argued out as either true or false, based on evidence. In their blogging site, the Future of Life Institute discusses the various myths that revolve around Artificial Intelligence and how these myths impact on the growth of the technological development. There are always two sides of each coin and (Tegmark) in his article points out the two sides of Artificial Intelligence, mainly aiming at bringing out the fables associated with it.

Artificial Intelligence is a good development that is still growing. If well managed, there are a lot of benefits that it promises to offer. The medical sector and others have had the opportunity to experience the great impact of this technology and the benefits are good. To the gaming and filming industries, the three-dimension technology for instance offers users a very unforgettable experience. The medical trainees also experience a better learning platform in their study with advanced view of their equipment especially for their practical training. (Sotala, 2012) Discusses the various advantages of Artificial Technology and supports its impact on society. He looks into how the still new technology has made its way deep into various sectors and with positive impact and more good than harm.


A great impact is already being felt as a result of Artificial Intelligence and the benefits should improve and grow with time. The technology has aided the medical sector as a diagnostic tool. Medical doctors are now able to offer diagnosis with the aid of simpler means like scans, other than the more complicated means like surgery. In surgery, Artificial Intelligence offers the virtual robotic surgery technology. In this technology, surgery is conducted by a robotic device that is under human surgeon’s control. This helps in saving time and reduces the risk of surgery hitches (Society, Virtual Reality in Healthcare, 2017). The gaming industry has also been a big beneficiary of Artificial Intelligence. It has enabled a three – dimensional interaction and experience for those gaming and that is a fascinating experience for those who game. The technology has also had great impact on the internet, offering a three dimensional internet that offers a more dynamic way of exploring the internet, giving one a chance to physically control a web page. Artificial intelligence also enables better filming and viewing for movies.

Humanity today associates greatly with technology. Most if not all of humanity depends on technology in one way or another. Artificial Technology is simply an advanced form of technology and it keeps getting better. There are a number of risks and health threats associated with this kind of technology and artificial intelligence. In the world today however, everything seems to have a good and bad side. Controlling the development of Artificial Intelligence based on the current said negative effects and myths would be denying humanity a chance to experience good technology today and in future. (Hreha) Brings out a good view on how this new technology boosts the human brain to function in a more advanced way, as the human person is expected to take full control of the technology in any scenario. This kind of involvement, according to education experts, acts as a way to boost the brain and human thinking in a person. This kind of effect would be helpful to learners in various fields, if the technology is well embraced, as it might be a good boost to intelligence quotient (IQ) (Hreha).


Not everyone would view the artificial intelligence idea as a proper one for humanity. There are those who strongly believe in natural intelligence. In any case, natural intelligence gave birth to artificial intelligence and should therefore be regulated. The technology is known to have effects on the human being, especially health related effects. The effects mainly affect the human brain causing dizziness. The gaming artificial intelligence technology has even cautioned the use of the technology by small children. Technology and modernization helps make work easier by the use of machines. This has been known to render many people unemployed as machines do most of the tasks that many human beings would be required to come together and perform. Artificial Intelligence is still advancing and if not well regulated, the dangers might be hard to control as time goes by.


As technology experts put it, Artificial Intelligence will take time to advance and for its impact to be well felt. Zuckerberg, in a response on the technology, states that it may take approximately five to ten years for Artificial intelligence related technology to evolve. He is however optimistic that this kind of technological development could be a leading means of communication technology in future. The world is evolving and the demands from all sectors keep rising. Artificial intelligence, a creation of man himself, might be the needed aid for most of the advances in the various sectors in future.


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virtual reality is our saviour. (2018).

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